SASV organises: Dash Hopping in Greenland | 22DEC2023 |

Dash Hopping in Greenland | 22DEC2023 | Organised by SAS Virtual Group | Expert server

Christmas is near, and therefore SAS Virtual group would like to invite you to fly very close to the North Pole!

Join us on one of the routes in and out of Kangerlussuaq, the biggest airport in Greenland and one of the most important airports for Air Greenland (Which is a part of the SAS Virtual Group).

Hop in your Dash 8, Air Greenlands main short haul aircraft, and fly to some of the most remote places with arguably the best view on earth. You’ll be flying over tundras and icecaps and landing on short and challenging runways that test each pilots skills!

Main airport: BGSF
Time: 1800z-2200z
Aircrafts: Dash 8 (generic livery) or TBM930 (generic)(Replacing the Beechcraft 200)
Due to the small size of BGSF this event must be done in waves and must be coordinated closely, therefore please DM Serein_W if you would like to join.

BGSF-BGGH (Kangerlussuaq to Nuuk)
BGSF-BGSS (Kangerlussuaq to Sisimiut)
BGSF-BGUK (Kangerlussuaq to Upernavik)
BGSF-BGAA (Kangerlussuaq to Aasiaat)
And many more!

(ATC IS NEEDED!! If you want to be ATC dm Serein_W or reply below!!)


All VA’s that are interested in joining, DM me or post it in this channel and I’ll help you coordinate your flight properly.

Participating VA’s:

@FinnairVA | BGSF-BGGH | 18:00z
@QatariVirtual | BGSF-BGUK | 1900z
@Etihad_Virtual | BGSF-BGUK | 1900z
@virtualsas | BGSF-BGUK | 1900z

We hope to see you in Kangerlussuaq and happy flying!!

Kind regards,

The SAS Virtual Group staff team!

(SASV is not responsible for any violations that you may get)
(Always follow ATC instructions and fly save)


Less than a month left, good to see some people have already showed their interest in the event!!

SAS join button


It’s almost December already and we still need ATC and more people to join!! Please if you would like to service BGSF with ATC, reply in this thread or DM me and if you would like to join as a pilot (not with a VA) click the “Going” button and we’ll post some more info here before the event!


15 days left!!! We sadly still haven’t had any ATC sign up for the event. Please if you are IFATC and would be able to provide BGSF with ATC service, reply to this post or send me a DM!!

Let’s also try and get this event to 10 people “going”!!