Sashaz55's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Well, we’re back. It’s time to put my own topic to good use. I’ve been quite inactive in IF recently and the same goes for IFATC. Here I’ll be posting when I’m open to get some good old practice before starting the journey back to IFATC. Appreciate anybody who comes out to help!


I Feel free to ping me once you open :)

Looks like we are in the same situation :D

All the best getting back into Expert controlling Sasha!
Hope you’ll be able to combine things well with real-world duties. It’s not always easy,

Take care,


Hey all. I’m open at EDDB on the Training Server. Feel free to stop by. (@JetSuperior5192)

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Thanks for coming all! Now closed.

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Hi, @Sashaz55 Feedback (OK-LOL)

  • Transitions should have been 3,000 feet, not 2,000. The formula is 2,500 + Airport elevation, then round it up to the nearest 500.

  • The pattern entry and clearance were perfect.

  • Runway change was also perfect!

Overall, no issues from me! Looks like you have a very good understanding of the concept (ATC).

Hey all, I’m now open at EDDI. Feel free to stop by!

Thanks for coming all.

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