Sashaz55’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ PAJN

I am practicing my ATC and would like to see what you think and give me some advice thanks.

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I’ll come down in a couple minutes

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Sorry someone took my spot but I will be at RJTT

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Sorry I could only stay for one pattern. Would you like feedback on here or via PM?

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Here is fine

Okay. So there were a couple things I noticed:

  • when using the right runway, it is recommended that pilots fly right patterns so as not to disturb any traffic on the left runway
  • you were pretty slow with the landing clearance, and I had to remind you I was on short final for you to send it
  • watch when the exit runway commands are sent, as I had barely touched down and you sent the command. It’s recommended to send the exit runway command at around 70-80kts
  • the addition of “please expedite, traffic on final” to the exit runway command wasn’t really necessary. The traffic was on a 6nm final, meanwhile on the expert server, the traffic is usually 3-4nm apart on final al major airports.

Good luck on your venture to IFATC!


Thanks I will try and fix this

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Open at EGCC paternwork allowed!

Open again in 20 minutes

Back on!!! In 10 minutes

And back at KMIA

Hi there I was 243,

I’d recommend to watch all the atc tutorials related to tower and ground commands to give you a better view of how everything works.

Few things here…

  • No pattern entry needed as I’m already on the pattern.
  • Missed Pattern entry for runway change (inbounds and runway changes always need a pattern entry).
  • Exit runway command was too early, I received as I touched down. Try to send it below 80kts
  • Good job on the rest of ground commands.

If any problem or concern my pm always open
Keep it up,

You had me line up and wait and then went offline.

Sorry I lost WiFi connection and know someone else is ATC

So now I am at KSAN @lurker

I’ll be there in 5 hrs. Just kidding. On my way.

  1. Everyone gets a pattern, sequence and clearance. You did give a pattern on takeoff. You waited a long time to give me clearance to land. This is usually done earlier on downwind.

  2. You did not give pattern entry to aircraft entering the airspace.

  3. You did not sequence the aircraft.

  4. You did not need to reissue my pattern if it did not change on my second pattern

  5. You cleared me for transition a bit low. KSAN at 200 ft agl, patterns at 1500 ft and 1000 ft for spacing … 2500 ft

  6. You need to give a pattern entry after a transition.

  7. You were a bit late on runway exit instruction. Once I was off the runway “contact ground” is appropriate.

Hope this helps



I think lurkerboy covered all my comments. Well done on departure request.

I saw your other post. Be sure to check out the IFATC youtube videos:

  • “The art of sequencing”
  • “Tower-advanced”
  • “The Perfect ATC test”

are all worth watching a few times.

This is a good list of “Golden Rules”:


Open at KMIA stop by please thanks!