Sashaz55’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED]@ N/A

So I can no longer edit my last one so I have started a new one

Open at MMUN for patterns stop by!

Still open!

Closed due to lack of attendees

Open at KVAD stop by if you can

Will stop by 👍

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Am closing after this plane lands.

Hey dude,

So there was some good work there, the mistakes you made you corrected yourself without any feedback so that’s a positive. I engineered the go around purposefully to see how you reacted, nice job - dont worry about thanking the pilot though, once you have sequenced then in it is their responsibility to maintain good distance which I did not.

For the runway exit instruction, I only had 1 place to go and it was more luck that I made the left turn. If in doubt, just a straight exit runway instruction would work so the pilot can go left or right, whichever works best for them and their parking plan.

Overall? Nice control.

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Now open at UAAA for some patterns!

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I am coming.

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Still open!

Hi, Sashaz55!
This is N186LZ. Good job controlling! Here’s the feedback.

  1. Ground
    You have a great knowledge about Ground control. The pushback command was given excellently.

  2. Tower
    You did a good job in takeoff, runway change, go-around, transition, sequence, inbound control. Some little problems existed here. You’d better clear an aircraft when they enter downwind. Also, when I ask for departure, soon after you send me the approval, you need to give me an approval on frequency change, instead of me requesting for a freqency change. I didn’t test the exit-runway command, but I guess you’ll do well:).

Good job controlling! See you around.

Happy flying & controlling!

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Still open @anon99845028

I’m going to get a bit technical here.

A runway exit can prove very important in a busy airport situation. Speaking from a major flight sim or IRL point of view, a vague runway exit can prove chaotic with other traffic on the ground. A pilot cannot see like an ATC, one false turn made by the pilot can: clog taxiways, delay aircraft, collisions, etc-, so it is good practise to give direct runway exits (i.e Left/right).

This airport situation may have been single sided runway exits or not busy at all (sorry I didn’t see it), but let’s not form bad habits, so people can learn to be the more professional.

Here are some small issues I found:
When approving pushback, you should say also expect runway XX.
When I am doing pattern work and I report position, full stop, you should clear me to land.
Then when I land and start slowing down, you should send the exit runway command as soon as possible, you sent it quite late. But it was good that you sent it with cross runway 05L.

But overall good job! I would like to see you in IFATC team in the future. If you have any questions, dont hesitate to ask.

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Closing in 5 minutes.

I am now closed thanks for all the attendees!

I will be even more technical then, I was the only aircraft in the pattern and by limiting me to a lift turn when there was only 1 available to a random bit of the airfield, doesnt work. I should have been given exit right, but seems you weren’t there - you wouldn’t know Haha

Also, from real world experience - my aircraft has never been given an exit left/right at its home airfield, we get issues exit at taxyway “insert relevant letter here” but it is always relevant to the direction we are heading for parking.

Fair. But Infinite Flight isn’t that technical :)

In your case, it’s fair, not busy. Thinking more professionally, that instruction would apply if you were perhaps a smaller aircraft, it’s than the pilots job to help correct the controller on plans (I.e changing parking across the runway). He would than see his mistake.

Problem is, infinite flight doesn’t offer the ability to select individual taxiways (According to airport aerodrome charts) and I’m guessing… having notified gate plans.

Treat the left/right exit as direct as you can get. Maybe one day they will improve there vague ground movement.

Side note * (Major airports generally design a system of taxiways to navigate inbound/outbound, which can require larger or wider taxi routes + conflicts which can cause different directed routes.)

Apologies for going off on a tangent. Hopefully one day they will update there resources on taxiway movement.

The IFATC Public Manual states that “Expect RWY XX” should only be given when there’s confusion about which direction to pushback (in order to promote efficiency). The text states that it “should not be used for every pushback command sent.”

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