• Aircraft and Livery:
    A350-900 SAS Livery
  • Route:
  • Time of Departure:
  • Server:

  • *Additional Information:
    My callsign will be: N75854

I might be a few minutes late but otherwise this will be fun!

1500Z? You’re either trying go back in time or outside of the 3 hour rule. Have a look at the category rules, you paid for them to be written with your subscription in a way, might as well make it worth it:

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Seems a bit confusing. don’t you have a diagram? gate plan? gate assignments?

It’s a group flight, not an event.

Sorry, I can’t come because I’m in the middle of the Atlantic right now…headed to Atlanta

Is the flight today?

Hey there,

To be a bit of help, I’ve linked the rules and requirements for this topic below. Check out #live:groupflights and #live:events time requirements, and also I’d suggest taking a look how to make an event title. Thanks for being a contributing member to the community!

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The flight is on Saturday. Sorry for the confusion.

Group flights have to be within 3 hours of posting here on the IFC.

#live:group-flights can only be used to post flights 3 hours or less before the flight

Please check out the category rules at About The GroupFlights Category