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SAS Virtual Offical Thread

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Welcome to SAS Virtual official thread, here you can find most information about us, from our CEO to our Reward System. We hope to see you as a pilot in the future. Remember
We Are Travelers

I am very very proud of being part of this VA.
Without this VA I wouldn’t found these amazing people. They have supported and helped me to build this VA. They are kind and friendly. And I am so proud of being CEO of this VA but SAS virtual is not owned by me it’s owned by it’s members. I want thank my staff for this but saying thank you is not to describe how thankfull I am to them.

SAS Virtual is a virtual airline started at the end of 2018. Since then, all our staff members have worked really much to make this unique and perfect VA, from a single route, to a whole website. Everyone has done a fantastic job.
Certified May 19 2019.
SAS Virtual has 3 hubs, or as we call it, The Triple Hub. Fly from Scandinavia to the world, conquer the skies, just as Vikings conquered oceans thousand years ago.

Get to know our staff, you can read more about them on the website!

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) @FINNWINGS
Chief Operating Officer (COO) @Jens_Severin
Events manager (EM) @SwedishFlyer
Route Manager (RM) @Isgrena
Senior Advisor (SA) @axeand
Operations Manager (OM) @MarkONE
Technology Manager ™ @Vkokki_GT

Grade 2
Active IF Live Subscription
​At least 12 years old
Must be able to log at least 10 hours each month
​Must have a valid IFC Account in good standing

Scandinavian Airlines


Daher TBM 930

Short Haul

Bombardier CRJ900
Bombardier Q400 (ATR 72) (Generic)

Medium Haul

Airbus A319
Airbus A320
Airbus A321 (Generic)

​Boeing 737-700
Boeing 737-800

Long Haul

Airbus A330-300
Airbus A340-300/600

Historic Fleet

Boeing 747-200
​DC-10 (Generic)



Daher TBM 930

Short/Medium Haul

Boeing 717

Air Greenland


Daher TBM 930

Short Haul

Bombardier Q400 (Q200) (Generic)

Long Haul

Airbus A330-300/200 (Generic)

Fleet Notes

These airlines have been claimed by SAS Group.
​Those airlines include:
Scandinavian Airlines (SAS Ireland and Cimber)
Air Greenland

​Some aircraft are set to fly for another aircraft type that is not in the simulator. Those include:
Q400 for Scandinavian Airlines ATR 72 Flights
A340-600 for Scandinavian Airlines A340-300
Q400 for Air Greenlands Q200 Flights

Note: When the A350 is released, all A340s will be removed from the Scandinavian Airlines fleet

Trainee 0-15 / Second officer 0-15h
TBM-930 / CRJ900 and Q400

First officer 15-50
717 (Blue1), A319/A320/A321 and 737-700/800

Senior first officer 50-100 vEurobonus member SAS virtual Lounge slack group
A330-330 and DC-10 (historic)

Captain 100-250 vEuroBonus Silver 1,25x
A340-600 (will be replaced by the A350-900)

Senior captain 250+ vEuroBonus Gold 1,5x
747 (historic)

500+ vEuroBonus Diamond 2x

We have a reward system, vEurobonus, to reward our pilots for flying.

The reward system is integrated in the ranks and is included in the bottom of this page, so it is easy to find out what reward you have achieved.

We want to reward the pilots flying for us, and rewards is what you get. Get extra flight time and privileges.

Type Hours Reward
vEurobonus Member 50 hours “SAS Lounge” Slack Group
vEurobonus Silver 100 hours 1.25x Multiplier flight time
vEurobonus Gold 250 hours 1.50x Multiplier flight time
vEurobonus Diamond 500 hours 2.00x Multiplier flight time

We use Slack for internal communication.
You will be invited to Slack when you join!

Additionally, we use Airtable for various purposes, such as filing Pilot Reports (PIREPs), logging and checking pilots’ total flight time and monthly flight time.

SAS Have a few codeshares and partnerships! We can offer many codeshare routes to fly, so you don’t always need to stick with the normal routes


@ThaiGroupVirtual is the first VA we codeshared with, we are sharing many different routes, and they give our pilots more options in Asia!

Thomas Cook

SAS has got a codeshare with @ThomasCookVirtual! This will further expand our route network and it will give you more choices on where to fly!

Star Alliance

SAS is a part of @StarAllianceVirtual! Giving us more access to the places around us! From the US to Asia with many different airlines

To contact us, privately message any of our staff members or send us an email at

When you apply to join us as a pilot, we will consider your application professionally and confidentially.
Please ensure you hit the requirements above before applying.
Applications’ processing time may be as long as 48 hours, so please be patient with us.

We are not in any way sponsored or promoted by the real world SAS. To visit the real SAS, go to
We are a non profit organization.

All logos are copyrighted.


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Glad to see a great Virtual Airline running smooth today. I hope to see more events too! 🇸🇪 🇳🇴 🇩🇰


I am proud of this VA


@virtualsas can you change


Flight Filing Information

We use air table to file our flights, to do that, just ask, or follow the steps below!

  • You go to our channel called #a-sas-flight-form
  • Click on the link to a video and see that or type in /pirep
  • Fill the necessary criteria
  • Send it in!

And write about you will be availble to see the Eurobonus list when you type in /eurobonus

And if you type in /fleet you will see the woule fleet.

Where can I go to join?

You can apply here

Hello Pilots,

Please make sure that all SASVA pilots are showing a high level of commitment and are logging flights and being active as possible I’m saying this so your time is easy as possible

Thanks for reading we and I hope to see you as an SASVA Pilot

@J2S (HR/IFCR Manager and Recruiter for the SASVA)


The place “join file from my device” for the screenshot doesn’t match for APPLY

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Hello, I don’t understand your question, do you mean the screenshot of the grade table?


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What device do you use?

Samsung galaxy s8

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There isn’t message. I just can’t join a picture from my device. I joined a Google picture I will send u the screenshot by email


Staff Changes

Hello travelers
We have some announcements!

It is with a sad heart @SunDown is resigning from her position as Chief Pilot at SAS Virtual. She have brought spirit to the team and we wish her great luck for the future!

@Latvia have also decided to resign from the position as Requiter. It is sad to see him go, but we wish him great luck with his future VA!

We are happy to announce that @axeand is our new Senior Advisor. We are so happy to have him in a bigger role than before, and are happy for what he has brought to the team!

We are Travelers

Interested in joining? Join here!

Note: The website is not yet updated


I love Scandinavia, so this is a really cool VA that’s commenced


We are happy to announce that our 2nd Community Event is now up, sign up now!

This will be a flyout from Copenhagen Kastrup airport, SAS most busy hub!

SAS Pilots will get 1.5x flight time

Join now!