SAS Virtual Presents - Welcome A350 @ LFBO - 121800ZDEC19


The long awaited Airbus A350-900 was released yesterday, and we cannot wait to fly our beloved Ingegerd Viking (SE-RSA) home, which is SAS’ first Airbus A350. We ask you to join us on thursday as we fly our first Airbus A350 to Copenhagen from Toulouse. The flight is expected to take around 2h depending on the traffic at Toulouse, so expect delays.

The first scheduled flight is expected to take place on 28th of January, bound for Chicago from Copenhagen. The Airbus A350 has 300 seats (40 SAS Business / 32 SAS Plus / 228 SAS Go).

SAS Virtual pilots will receive a 2,5x multiplier for this flight, no rank restrictions apply!
It’s hard to predict how the weather will be, so please expect minor changes. As of now it looks like following…

  • Estimated flight time: Around 2h
  • Cruising Altitude - 36,000ft MSL.
  • Cruising speed - M 0.80
  • Aircraft & Livery: SAS A350
  • Departure runway (Toulouse): RWY 32L
  • Arrival runway (Copenhagen) RWY 22L

Copy the flightplan from @axeand.
Feel free to use charts for this flight, it’s entirely up to you.

Server - Expert

Departure airport - Toulouse Blagnac (LFBO)

Arrival Airport - Copenhagen Kastrup (EKCH)

Date & time 2019-12-12T18:00:00Z


  • Please spawn atleast 10 minutes prior to departure to secure your spot. If taken, spawn at a nearby stand.
  • Expect delays during departure.
  • ATC will most likely be present, be patient and follow their instructions.


Callsign is a pilot discretion, but we’d recommended to use a Scandinavian callsign or “SAS”.
SAS Virtual pilots must use their VA callsign.

Delivery Parking Pilot Callsign VA member?
Delivery Parking 03
Delivery Parking 04
Delivery Parking 06C @Dimitri_126 SAS069 NO
Delivery parking 08C @If_finnair SASV035 YES
Delivery parking 09C @Jakub_Smolen SASV038 YES
Delivery parking 10 @axeand SASV003 YES
Delivery parking 11 @CPT-AB N/A NO
Delivery parking 12 @Jens_Severin SASV002 YES
Delivery parking 13 @Isgrena SASV001 YES

More spots will be added if needed.
Let’s bring our Viking home!


I’m in 😏
We are travelers!


Server ? Plse u didnt mention server

Sorry about that, it will take place on the expert server :)

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How do I become a SAS virtual pilot? I want to join this event tomorrow.

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Hey! You can join us by clicking on here which links to the requirements for pilots who wants to join. And of course I will fix a gate for you sir, hope to see you in SAS Virtual soon :)


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Hi lads. I’m a pilot with ye and I want to get Gate 09C. With the Callsign SASV038.

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Hejsan, can I take 08C and I’m a SASV pilot.
Callsign SASV035.

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@If_finnair @Jakub_Smolen Thanks for signing up, see you tonight in Toulouse!


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hey please can I join with gate 06c and callsign

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06C is yours :)


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Sign me up on gate 13 please.

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Utgång 13 är din!


it was 4 days ago…

Oh. Gonna delete my post now xD

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Event finished. Hope you all had fun!