SAS Virtual Group | We are Travelers | The A350 is here

amazing thread!!!

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We are so happy the FNF came to Norway this week!


Great thread, just applied :)


Just applied!! 😁


Hi @MarkONE. This is Ishaan.

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Hey there. Is there a place to apply as a pilot?

Hey, are you guys still active, doing events and accepting pilots?

Yes, we are still active and accepting new pilots.

However, we are undergoing a reorganization in the staff team right now. We hope to finish this as soon as possible so that we can publish a new updated thread.

Isgrena - CEO
SAS Virtual Group

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How do i join? Now i’ve flewn SAS before but…

You can join via this link:

Applied 2 days ago, can’t wait to get in!


Why there’s no a350 in the fleet?

Why is this great VA so inactive?

That’s a very good question, which I often ask myself, but there is no easy answer to it. However, you could help us to change it by joining us. ;)


Just applied, look forward to joining!

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Hi, I have recently sent you guys a request to join and I havn’t gotten an awnser yet, even though the 48 hours are over already. Is everything alright?

Hello @Hendrik2003
Sorry for the delay. We have received your application and hopefully we will have time to go through it today, so except an answer no latter than this evening (European time).

CEO SAS Virtual Group

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Same thing with me, applied this Friday! Is everything allright?

Don’t worry, been flying for SAS Virtual for quite some time now. You’ll get to join us quite soon I suppose


New thread: