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SAS Virtual Group Official Thread


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We are SAS Virtual Group. We operate in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland.
We at SAS are proud of our big and versatile fleet.

SAS Virtual Group shrives to establish itself as a leading virtual airline in innovation and pilot experience.

We were founded in late 2018, and were IFVARB approved 19 of may 2019.

Since then we have been constantly improving to become the virtual airline of your choice.

With over 500 routes from 3 airlines, we almost guarantee you that you won’t find a route you haven’t flown before.

We want to offer you the best VA experience, in the most Scandinavian way possible, with elegant Scandinavian design and solutions

Explore the world in SAS Blue.
We Are Travelers.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) @Isgrena
Chief Operating Officer (COO) @Jens_Severin
Senior Advisor (SA) @axeand
Operations Manager (OM) @MarkONE
Chief Pilot (CP) @Alexander_Pehrman
Event Manager (EM) @SwedishFlyer

Explore the world from Scandinavia! Fly one of the biggest fleets in infinite flight, from short domestic hops to ultra long-range flights.

The blue tail. To the world

Scandinavian Airlines

Short Haul
Bombardier CRJ900
Bombardier Q400 (ATR 72) (Generic)

Medium Haul
Airbus A319
Airbus A320
Airbus A321 (Generic)

​Boeing 737-700
Boeing 737-800

Long Haul
Airbus A330-300
Airbus A340-600 (-300) (Generic)

Historic Fleet
Boeing 747-200
​DC-10 (Generic)


Short/Medium Haul
Boeing 717

Air Greenland

Short Haul
Bombardier Q400 (Q200) (Generic)

Long Haul
Airbus A330-300 (-200) (Generic)

Fleet notes

The following airlines are airlines claimed by SAS Virtual Group

Scandinavian Airlines (SAS Ireland and Cimber)
Air Greenland

The following aircraft are used for routes where another aircraft type is used

Q400 for Scandinavian Airlines ATR 72 flights
A340-600 for Scandinavian Airlines A340-300 flights
Q400 for Air Greenland Q200 flights

When the A350-900 is released it fly all Scandinavian Airlines A340-600 flights

If you intend to start a separate Air Greenland or Blue1 Virtual, please contact us so we can remove them from our fleet, thanks!

Our ranks. Made so you can enjoy flying. Even more.

Cadet 0-15
CRJ900 and Q400

Second Officer 15-50
717, A319/A320/A321 and 737-700/800

First Officer 50-100
A330-300 and DC-10

Captain 100-250
A340-600 (will be replaced by the A350-900)

Senior Captain 250+

We have created a reward system, called vEuroBonus, based of the real world airline, so frequent flyers get rewards when flying for us.

The system are integrated to our ranks, so as you unlock new planes, you do also unlock goodies from our reward system

Join today, and work up your vEuroBunus rank today.

Type Hours Reward
vEurobonus Member 50 hours “SAS Lounge” Slack Group
vEurobonus Silver 100 hours 1.25x Multiplier flight time
vEurobonus Gold 250 hours 1.50x Multiplier flight time
vEurobonus Diamond 500 hours 2.00x Multiplier flight time

We want everyone to be able to fly. Therefore we want a mix of experienced pilots and new pilots. We will do our best to assist you through your SAS career.

Grade 2
Active IF Live Subscription
​At least 12 years old
Must be able to log at least 6 flights each month
​Must have a valid IFC Account in good standing

For internal information and communication we use the well known, widely spread Slack. We have found our slack is the better solution for our internal communications.

You’ll be invited to our slack when you join

To establish SAS as a leader in the Virtual Airline market we have codeshare agreements with various other airlines to expand our route network.

Thai Virtual

Thai Group Virtual is the virtual airline we first partnered up with. Flying to destinations all over Asia, Europe and America, they are a great partner to our virtual airline

Star Alliance Virtual

To partner up with all the other Star Alliance airlines, SAS is a part of Star Alliance Virtual. Star Alliance Virtual thrives to become the leading alliance for virtual airlines.

To contact us, please, send a pm to either staff or to our account @virtualsas

We are in no way affiliated with Scandinavian Airlines System or any other airline or subsidiary in any way.

If you are looking for the official SAS Scandinavian Airlines, please visit

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Congrats on approval! Beautiful thread!!!


You accidentally linked Thai Virtual’a thread where Thomas Cooks should be


Im not sure wether you’ve read through the whole thread ;)

COO SAS Virtual Group


Beautiful thread!


Congratulations! Hope to see you in the skies soon!

What are your callsigns? 🤔 eg. BAVA, WSVG, EKVA, FDVA, ACVA, AAVA, DLVA, Trying to name any VA I know without advertising…


I love Scandinavia!!!

Amazing thread
Only thing bugging me is the first picture of the SAS CRJ900 being low quality

Other than that WOOOO!


Our callsigns are SASV :)


Seems… legit. I just smacked my head at that, I should’ve known. 😂🤦‍♂️


Great thread you have here! See you in the skies!


Amazing thread guys!


This is an amazing thread! Beautiful! Best wishes in success! 👍👍👍


Thanks for all the nice words!

COO SAS Virtual Group


good thread proud to be here


We at SAS are proud to release our new tracking system! Now it’s easier to track SAS pilots on the journeys around the world!

You’re welcome to check it out at

We are Travelers



Velkommen, Välkomman, Welcome

Travels explore new places. Travelers are the future.

Explore the world the Scandinavian way. Explore the world on our new airplane, the A350-900

We are travelers.

Join us today


amazing thread!!!

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We are so happy the FNF came to Norway this week!


Great thread, just applied :)


Just applied!! 😁