SAS: Up in Smoke. ECKH-KSFO

These are some photos of this mornings doomed landing at San Fransisco, involving SAS flight 803, which began drifting off of runway 28L during landing, rose about 50 feet into the air, stalled, flipped over and crashed head first into runway 28R.

Y’all, this is fictional and there wasn’t really a crash it’s just my stupidity that caused this

Flight time: 10:30, Aircraft: SAS A330-300, Server: Expert, Route: ECKH-KSFO

Holding short runway of Runway 12 in Copenhagen

Rotating just a few feet before the runway threshold

Lunch is being served while approaching the coast of Iceland

Crusing above Greenland THEY LIE THAT IS NOT GREEN

High above Hudson Bay in Canada

Ah, Montana. So peaceful…

On final runway 28L at San Fransisco.

Drifting off of the the runway. 🙊

Inverted right above the runway. Cue the screaming

Ladies and gentlemen thank you for flying SAS. However, we regret of inform you that we will not be reaching our destination today. We hope you can understand.

In other news, during this flight I reached my 1000th flight hour! So yay me, I guess…


I’d advise some practice on a different server before bringing these acrobatics to Expert again.


I really hope this doesn’t happen often considering it was on expert, but nice pictures before this one!


Lol I know it was a total accident. I was coming in fast, and I landed but then I started skidding. Went up about 50 feet then stalled and crashed. It was in no way intentional😂

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lol if that was real and the pilots lived, IDK what would happen to their careers!

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As I said, up in smoke…

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lol (10 char)

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Their career doesn’t stand a chance😂

@Shane I’ve never actually crashed that bad on expert before. The times I’ve crashed I pretty much just landed to hard

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Congratulations on 1000 hours! Nice photos

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Thanks and thanks. Kinda sad way to end the 1000 hour flight tho…

How the heck did you inverted yourself? Nice pictures btw

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I was kinda floating along sideways and the plane stalled. It just flipped itself

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I was drinking some juice when reading through this. I reached the 9th picture and let me just say there is now a slippery spot on the hardwood floor…

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Pardon 😃 and I get ghosted for being a respectful fighter jet on expert and this happens


Note to self: if Mateo is my captain, run away as far and as fast as possible.

Nice photos.

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Nice pics!!

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@KTJ_Mitchell Im sorry for your loss😂

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@DanyyRude, sorry you had to go through that. Hint: Dont go where the atc coverage is…

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Indeed…luckily I still had a few more cups left in the bottle!

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