SAS Strike [Strike is over!]

Today I’ve got more SAS Scandinavian Airlines news
Currently a strike is ongoing.
The Norwegian, Swedish and Danish Pilot unions have all pulled out of negotiations and are currently on strike. In a statement from SAS on Facebook they cancel and delay for precautionary measures.

Over 1500 pilots is taken out on strike and 673 flights have been canceled according to

60000 passengers will be affected

SAS themselves are really sorry for the affected passengers and they encourage passengers to rebook our onto a later flight

At the moment SAS and the pilots is very far from reaching an agreement

If you have a ticket with SAS this weekend they will re-book you without any charge, even if you fly on an non refundable ticket

If you have any English source I would greatly appreciate that.
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Norwegian Sources


Note: Post has been edited to be accurate and true after Schyllberg’s reply below, the information is now correct according to Swedish media outlets as how they’ve reported it.

One of the claims is that they get payed 90000 Swedish Kronor which is according to SAS-pilots a false statement. The SAS-pilots say that they begin their pilot career with 30000 Swedish Kronor, which is way below the European standard. Compare to Lufthansa and British Airways and SAS-pilots are in a position where things seem very dark.

Senior Captains are said to get anywhere between 93000-97000 but even those numbers are just there, floating, as we have no real exact truthful way of knowing if even that is true. Much likely are those who fly Long Haul flights also treated poorly economically wise.

The schedule is unbearable. They have to work 7 weekends in a row, leaving them with little to no time off and time to spend with the family and also making the hard earned money not worth it at all.

The situation is currently far away from a solution as a agreement between the union and pilots has not arisen yet.



SAS is claiming the average salary is 93k. The union disagrees as the entry salary is a bit over 30k. Based on what I’ve heard, SAS is taking various extras into account which they shouldn’t as it’s not relevant.

On top of this, SAS pilots have one of the lowest salaries compared to other companies.

Then you have scheduling issues on top of that…

So just saying this is about already well paid pilots wanting more - it’s wrong.


Doesn’t those who fly long hauls internationally get more than those who fly domestically?

Probably not at 90K but little over 30?

And didn’t their salary go up since the last strike?

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I don’t know that much tbh. I could probably look that up as i know a few people on the Pilots union side but…

The primary issues here are:

  • Market salaries (they don’t have that now)
  • Improved scheduling planning

The schedule part is understandable. I can see the issue in that part but as for the salary is the interesting part as those fly the A330 and A340 could possibly have a higher income.

Though I hope they find solution with agreeable terms.

The longer this dilemma proceed the more confusing it will become. And to top that, the costumers won’t like it, as it surely puts me in a tough spot now as well

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What most people fail to comprehend with pilots work schedules is the completely disruptive work/life balance.

Those who work 9 to 5 office jobs and have every weekend off and every public holiday off and know, years in advance, when they can book holidays, family gatherings, concerts, nights out etc. etc. etc. often really can’t comprehend a rostering system.

The usual comeback is that ‘you chose that job’ but, as with many jobs, the landscape has radically changed over the past few years with ruthless cost cutting driving the work/life balance into the red.

There appears to be a worldwide pilot shortage on it’s way which is why many employees are pushing for balanced market rates for their employment. That is one of the major driving factors behind this action. Also there is no such thing as weekends or overtime (unless beyond the scope of your roster which is, in most cases, so full you can’t do it anyway) however there is a lot of night working, unsociable hours, short rostering (that party you planned??? Gone at the call from current ops).

Finally, unlike many jobs, our job is often completely ‘transparent’ to the passengers. A ‘good day’ at the office for me is if I have something go wrong with the jet, deal with it, make contingencies, investigate options, come up with a solution and continue and the 280+ passengers in the back have no idea of what has occurred. This hides the value of good training and, probably most importantly, experience where you want to retain your experience levels not financially force them into early retirement.

It’s understandable that the deeper complexities of the job are lost in the public view. We, as commercial pilots, often don’t like to discuss them as we see them as part of the job. When the accountants start cutting through the flesh and deep into the bone though it’s those pilots who often push for better T’s & C’s for all employees at the airline.

I hope that sheds a bit more light onto the subject.



As of now, no agreement seems to be made in the coming days, taking into account that SAS almost went bankrupt a few years ago, they might still just make money, but not much money.
In a desperate way to get cash back then, they sold their shares in Widerøe, now they just have some code share routes left with them

If what you guys say that one captain earn 30000 Krone, then that is very little, but I don’t think SAS really want to pay 135 000 000 kroner on pilot salary, why? I don’t really know, since that is not many % of a new aircraft, thinking that the A350 costs 31700000 kroner, and that is just one unit

What actually does happen will be up to SAS themselves.

As of now, no agreements are made, we have to wait and see what happens

Here you have a screenshot from fr24
Way less aircraft than normal
All ATR 72 and CRJ-900 will operate normally since there are operated by CityJet, FlyBe, Regional Jet and SAS Ireland


Isn’t it great that I am due to fly Scandinavian Airlines this Sunday! Anyways, I hope they reach some kind of agreement soon. Their website is currently showing SK935 (CPH-SFO/the flight I am going on) will be canceled if the strike is still on!


Because, without crewing to 11 crews an aircraft your

Is just an expensive apron ornament.



this is from ENGM i’m guessing most are SAS planes


If you want a English article i have one for you here you go!


SAS is going to have to take a loss on this. If they aren’t paying people enough they need to do so. I’m not saying on strike can bring an airline down but it doesn’t help them with all of these cancelled flights.


My brother is still stuck in Tromsø at the moment, what actually is going to happen i dont know

Thanks for finding an english source :)

Is this just a ferry then? Wouldn’t they need pilots still though…?

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Not all the pilots are on strike. Around 70% of the flights are cancelled. Logically, the other 30% aren’t ;)


Adding on to Sebbe, there are plenty of A320’s with registration based in Ireland, which still flies. Many of these Irish registered planes are, by majority CRJ-700/900’s that are flying on regional routes, to nearby airports in Scandinavia but also there surrounding region of Baltic and Poland, Germany, etc… As for the A320’s, there has been at least 4 of SAS A320’s that have flown to London Heathrow from Stockholm, Copenhagen and Oslo.

As for this A330 you posted, what Seb said above is valid, though from what I can see, the flight back to Hong Kong tomorrow is said to be cancelled due to pilot shortage (the strike) but is still scheduled to fly the day after (on Sunday), and will probably if there are any pilots who are on shift and not on strike that have that flight on their schedule, then they’ll head back though otherwise expect this aircraft to return back to CPH and stay there.

Note: There are also a few ATR 72-600 registered under the UK and Estonia which will continue to fly as usual. It is only the Scandinavian registered aircraft that are not flying due to the strike as of now.

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Swedish Local News in English

Didn’t know these things even existed… 😂

These are more recent and well described on the current issue from a Swedish perspective and how passengers and managers at Arlanda airport is seeing and facing this as*