SAS Scandinavian Airlines Unveils New Livery

UPDATE: NEW LIVERY REVEALED (Will have to translate article)

  • SAS has invited the press to a conference in Copenhagen to unveil a new livery on its first A350 aircraft.
  • The livery hasn’t been changed in 21 years.
  • SAS has released a teaser video on social media teasing parts of the new livery on its A350:

When combining the teased images in the video, this is the result:


  • Notice the faded white font at the front of the aircraft…

From the first link above to the article, this is a concept livery from the teased images:


(Obviously subject to change - different shading, color, etc.)

…In comparison, this is the original livery on the A350:


  • Looks like the red/orange on the engine is going away, seems to be replaced by a thin line of blue.
  • I truthfully dislike the purple on the concept livery… hopefully it’s a brighter shade or a darker shade of blue.
  • It’s nice to see they’re going to paint “SAS” in large letters at the front of the aircraft, increasing brand awareness.
  • But… the rest of the aircraft looks like it’ll be the stereotypical Eurowhite livery…

What are your thoughts?


We lost another airline to the Eurowhite Trend. :(


No, no, no, the orange engines were the best, and honestly it just looks like watered down FedEx…



Don’t kill me, but I think the SAS livery right now is just too all-over-the-place and doesn’t look good. The engines are half painted. Tail is a completely separate color from everything else.

Hopefully they reveal something fancy! That concept livery looks interesting.


The orange engines were the ones that make SAS iconic.

Gonna have to agree with @KPIT, SAS butchered their new livery.


It would be nice if you could read it, it’s such a small difference in color that I worry any off axis viewing, or with even small reflections it will become nearly invisible…

I really don’t like this livery…

I really love the old sas livery, especially on airbus aircraft in their fleet. I feel skeptical about this one(although that’s how I felt with United and their new livery is growing on me)

Agreed. This should be a great livery. Their current one is just… meh. Something combining the flags of Sweden, Finland, Norway, and Denmark would be really cool.


Hey, this could still end up pretty well. We only got a small collection of images from the video.


It would be nice if the font were changed on the new livery, in my opinion.

Great topic/livery, @Ishrion!

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I really like the new livery. I think the purple looks nice in the concept.

I think that the new one would look a lot better then the current one not saying the current one is bad just a bit bland.

Can’t wait to see what it fully looks like.

Keep the orange engines!

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Not another Lufthansa fail, please, no more


Agreed, me sad :(


Wow that livery concept looks amazing, I’m exited for the final product.

Personally, I don’t think the tail will be purple (more like a dark blue) and I think there will be huge SAS text on both sides of the aircraft, following the whole eurowhite thing.

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I hope the new one feels connected, the new United livery has the whole curve on the underbelly while the tail is off doing it’s own thing. 😕

Some people just want to watch the world burn…

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Another post on Facebook!


As a native Norwegian, and soon SAS Eurobonus Silver (making post later), I’m thrilled for the new livery, I can’t wait!

Although, I need to change the feature request soon