SAS Retired all A340s

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Today once more another airline has decided to retire another aircraft. SAS has decided to retire all of their A340’s.

SAS’s final A340 retirement flight is underway. According to, the aircraft left Copenhagen at 07:04, around fifteen minutes later than expected, and is scheduled to land at 10:14. Registration OY-KBM has been with SAS for almost 19 years, arriving with the airline in January 2002.


Once again another airline leaving one of the great and majestic quad engine aircraft.

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I will leave the rest up for yall to speculate.



At first I thought SAS retired those already but from what I seen on FR24 this morning they were on its last flight :l

Ode to SAS A340-313X


Sad to see such an amazing aircraft as the 340 being in that situation


This is so sad, the end of an era.




Haha April Foo-

oh :(


Really makes you think how many aircraft weren’t being retired until covid now so many are. How do you believe they will continue to accommodate the amount of people when we are out of COVID.


The A340 is one of the last of its breed. A quad-jet. It truly is sad to see the mighty A340 leaving the fleet of such a well-known airline. And I didn’t even know about until now, it’s sad to see how small these retirements are, especially of a 4-engined aircraft as big as the A340.

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Yea so many Four engine aircrafts are gone (747,A380,A340) and iconic twin engines also (B757,B767)

Those Boeing 747 retirements hurt a lot of us :(


Super sad they already said that A350’s will replace the A340 in that article I read. There is beginning to be less of a variation between airlines beside their routs.

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The worst part is when they let those perfectly fine aircraft rot in the desert.

If only they asked, I would love an A340!

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From what I seen Swiss is the only A340-300 operator?



(And Hifly which is a lease operator)

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This is the end of an era for SAS. Being both Scandinavian (Norwegian) and an aviation enthusiast, and having flown this aircraft to Tokyo and Beijing, this is definitely sad news

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I have also flown SAS’s A340’s quite a few times as many of my family members live in the Scandinavian area. The engines were just beautiful. Unfortunately, the last time I flew the A340 was about 3 years ago before I started flying the A333 instead :(

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Sad bjorn_pilot noises :(

Loved this old gal.

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At least the A330 is neat

Crazy isn’t it, you’d be able to tell a plane spotter video if it’s Pre-Covid just by how many aircraft were retired.

This is some dinosaur level extinction.

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