SAS lays off nearly half of it's employees

SAS, the airline of Scandinavia, has like the rest of the Aviation industry, felt the challenges of the COVID-19. Like most other airlines, the demand is non-existing, and has parked planes on the taxiways for storage. This is a satellite picture of Copenhagen Airport (EKCH), showing tons of planes parked along the 04L/22R runway.

Slotnick, David, March 30th 2020,

SAS CEO, Rickard Gustafson estimates that it’ll take years before the demand for travel will recover and be back to pre-COVID standards.
The result of this? SAS will lay off 5000 of it’s employees. SAS employs about 11.000 people, so we’re looking at an almost 50% reduction. It’s split between 1.700 employees in Denmark, 1.900 employees in Sweden and 1.300 employees in Norway.

It is always sad to see when people loses their job, and I know that some of you in this community has felt the impact COVID-19 has played on your life and career in aviation. For me, SAS is my home airline, it’s the one that gets me to the south of Europe and to the West Coast of the US. Boarding a SAS plane feels like you’re home already.
It saddens me to see so many great airlines struggle, and for me, especially when it’s an airline you’ve flown with a lot, and probably interacted with some of the people whose jobs are now lost.

Hopefully SAS, along with the rest of the aviation industry, will be able to rise again, and climb to the skies.
As always, I hope you’re all staying safe, and staying sane from this quarantine.


It is sad. This virus had turned the world on it’s head.

BA have announced they are shedding 12 thousand jobs. It’s crazy and sad times we live in right now 😞


Sad news, but a well made post nonetheless! Thanks!


Two months ago, not a single person could have guessed how badly this virus would impact the world.

Praying that those employees find new, well paying jobs.

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Sad indeed. Thank you!

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