SAS Flew to wrong destination

Thursday evening a plane from Copenhagen to Flienze landed in Bologna

The reason: They couldn’t find the route on the computer onboard and the plane was ready for departure, therefore they either had to cancel the flight or divert it to Bologna

When they landed it was Bus for Airplane that took them the last 100 kilometers

The flight attendants said they have never experienced anything like it


What are your opinions?


BA also did this. Departed from EGLC to Glasgow,= I think, even though they were supposed to fly to Düsseldorf. Not really sue how these things can happen


It was said that the route wasn’t in the aircrafts computer here, so it is not similar to what BA did;)

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Ok BA was a lot worse then lol


For those who’re looking for an English source 😉


They actually landed in Edinburgh. However, I wouldn’t mind arriving in Edinburgh 😉

Ahhh yea Edinburgh it was.

So technically they didn’t land in the wrong airport, they just diverted

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Yes but no

You said they either cancel it or divert. They didn’t fly to the wrong airport. They diverted…

Still they landed at the wrong destination

But you said diverted

Quote from The Independent, when they spoke to SAS:

According to the airline, the new destination was decided before the plane took off.

Italy is still Italy. Fellow Scandinavians get to enjoy the beautiful weather down south than the cold up here ❄

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