SAS Cutting SVG-IAH, adding CPH-EWR

With the forum’s general interest in narrowbody transAtlantic flights, thought this might be of interest to some. SAS is getting rid of their 737-700/BBJ-1 flight from Stavenger to Houston (Anyone else agree low oil prices a factor?) operated by PrivatAir and reusing fhe aircraft on the existing CPH-EWR service which is currently flown by A340-300s (I think…). The plane will supplement, not replace the A340-300. Think of it like BA’s supplement A318 service from LCY-JFK flying alongside their 747s.

In some scandinavian language ^.


Very interesting! Thanks for posting!

Yep all correct, due to oil prices, they are getting rid of the route, putting it in use from Copenhagen to New York while adding more routes from stavanger to Copenhagen. And yes, they are currently using A340s or A330s for this route.