SAS Bombardier Dash 8 Q400

Sas history with the Dash 8 Q400
Sas has had a lot of issues with the the Dash 8, especially in 2007, these issue have mostly been gears collapsing on landing and faulty instrument alarms like a false smoke detection, after several groundings and accidents they in 2012 managed to sell or lease their Dash 8 Q400 to airlines in contries like Great Britain, the Philipines and Mozambique. One of the planes, LN-RDX was sold to the airline US-BANGLA which was later involed in a crash.
My opinion
I would really love to have this plane as it would be awesome to fly some short haul flights in the nordic regions, and this plane is defently one of those where I have wanted the sas livery on it I have really wanted to fly up here but I’ve just never gotten to it and often felt like I just wanted the SAS Dash 8 400 to fly in.


my favourite plane ✈️

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