SAS Boeing 737-800


I think having the SAS livery for the Boeing and 737-800 would be a great addition since the livery really suites the Boeing 737. Also global is coming soon and SAS use their 737s to fly to many destinations around Europe.

We can unfortunately have one photo every feature request.

Nice request though, could use this for routes into Boston :) and it has a nice simple livery!


738 for those who don’t know what it looks lile and can’t be bothered to click the link


Hi there :)
According to the #features guidelines, you may only request on livery per topic. Please create a seperate topic for the other variant. I’ve included a great guide about how to make #features below.

Also, if you really want that livery to be added, make sure to vote for it! It will have more chances to get added by the developers.
Thanks for your understanding!

@Aussie_Wombat: the 737-700 topic you linked is over a year old.


Yep, just noticed, when I posted it I thought it was May of this year

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Lol stuff happens…

You should rename it “SAS Boeing 737-800”. That is a more precise and simple title.

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This looks a lot better I will think about voting.

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