SAS Boeing 737-700

This is not an exact duplicate and this simple livery suites the 737 very well. They also used a BBJ version with this livery on a daily operation between Copenhagen and Boston. This livery is also good for when global comes out since SAS has many destinations around Europe.

They didn’t use the 737-700 for the CPH-BOS/SVG-IAH operations. A regular 737-700 can’t fly that route. SAS has used a B737BBJ owned by Privatair for those routes. The 737BBJ is in a Business and Economy class cabin (Not the same as on the rest of SAS’s long haul aircrafts) while the B737-700 has an all Economy cabin.

However, I agree that this would be a great addition to Infinite Flight!


Yes! We have to have it! The SAS livery looks so cool, yet simple! :)


I thought the BBJ was in a full business class configuration?


It is a only business class config. @emil pls fact check that

That is true it was an all business class config.

Nope, They used all business first. But later reconfigured to the first 5 rows being Business, and row 5-17 Economy.


Oh I did. They reconfigured it as the demand for an all business class route to and from Boston wasn’t sufficient.

However, the aircrafts planned use was on the route Stavanger-Houston in an all business configuration. That route didn’t go well, so SAS shut it down.

Check seatguru (

If still in doubt, learn a scandinavian language and I’ll happily send you the ten articles from the top Scandinavian news papers.

Sooo. Pls fact check that. :)


Oh… Umm I’m sorry… I’m embarrassed I need to hide

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Haha, no problems. No one knows everything :)


We definitely need more SAS liveries!


No offence, I don’t think I like the livery. It is a bit plain and doesn’t use bright colours like American’s or Eurowings. I think they need to change their livery.


Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion :-)

I think the livery isn’t really a MUST, but imho it is ok 👍

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I think it would lot better in the -800. Maybe it is just me, but I feel like it is too short…

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Yeah the 737-800 is the perfect length but this got more votes

Yeah well I can’t do anything about it :)

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I totally agree that this would be a great addition to Infinite Flight. Especially now when global comes because I can see this a great way to connect the Northern Europe with the rest, just as in real life.

Yeah imagine flying this to Svalbard!


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