SAS Airbus A320 NEO

The A320 NEO is an A320 with New Engine Option. The New engines aren’t as noisy, more efficient and don’t pollute as much. (I don’t have much info about the aircraft because the stats aren’t public yet.
SAS is a Scandinavian airline founded in 1946. It has a fleet of 169, serves 123 destinations and the slogan is “We are Travelers”. It’s hub is in Copenhagen.

I really Hope this gets added to IF.

Credit: Pawel G.
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Cool livery! This would be nice in IF!

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I definitely think that this should be in IF. By 2023, SAS is going to have over 80 of these as a single type short haul fleet. Sadly I’m out of votes but I might change one to this livery.

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One of the best NEO liveries I know of!

This plane looks so good