SAS A330, Do you like SAS?

Has anyone ever flown on SAS? Let me know in the comments! I think it’s a great airline !

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Question based topics like that are not permitted there as far as I’m concerned, because it is a path to “What is your favourite knob manufacturer for Airbus?” (© schyllberg). However, it seems that if the OP would add info about the flight it can belong in #screenshots-and-videos


I’ve flown the SAS a330 a couple times! It’s a nice plane and a nice airline! I do prefer Norwegian over them because they fly the 787, offer free WiFi, modern and new aircraft nicer livery in my opinion etc. but that’s my preference! SAS is great!

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This is a vague post perhaps as advised enough add a few screenshots and you can justify this thread. But please take into consideration screenshot rules as well when recreating it. Fantastic photo by the way looks great, loving the suns reflection.

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