SAS A320neo arrival at Copenhagen

I was lucky enough to catch the SAS Airbus A320NEO arriving at Copenhagen during my short layover on Saturday! Here is the video! Enjoy


Awesome, thank you for sharing!


Nice video!

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Which is the camera were you capture this really nice video? 4K?? Great video

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Stunning video, great catch.

Wow, what a beautiful aircraft. I can’t wait for more of them to fill up our skies :))

Does British Airways have A320neo aircraft on order?

Omg! That SAS A320NEO is such a beauty! 😍😍

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They sure do!

What a beauty! Can´t wait to fly the SAS A320neo, it has a new cabin as well!

Hope to see this beauty next time I come around to Gardermoen.

Thank You for your kind comments. I used the Nikon Coolpix B700 for this. All other videos won’t be in 4K until late January as I have a backlog of non-4K videos to upload.

Thank You!

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Yep, they sure do

Love the big engines

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They do look good! They are so quiet too

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