SAS A320 Sharklet vs Wingtip Fence

I noticed when selecting the SAS A320 the picture of the plane is showing a winglet whereas when you spawn as that selected plane you end up with a wingtip fence version. Is it just me? I prefer the winglet version hence the question.
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Happens with lots of liveries on different planes.

It happens on a couple of them. I don’t know how.
Also, the fenced one is called a sharklet :)

I think it was because during the development of the A320, they added it. And then they removed it because it wasn’t right, you may also notice that the SAS A320 has CFM engines on the picture, but in the game it is IAE. I think Laura said that during a FlightCast interview! :)


What? They’re called wingtip fences. The winglets are called “Sharklets”. :)


No, the winglet is called the Sharklet. The wingtip fences are wingtip fences.


I like the SAS A320 just as it is now.

Oh right, I have it backwards. Sorry.


I noticed this with the Jetblue A320. it shows as if it has sharklets, but doesn’t when it actually spawns. Quite odd but not that big of a deal.

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