Sarajevo Lufthansa A320

Once again the IFATC schedule took me to new places this week. After my Corfu to Budapest flight, I took a break, then later came back to Budapest… The Lufthansa crew needed a training flight, but they got all set up on the tarmac when Budapest ATC shut down!

So the crew got a taxi to the train station and headed down to Sarajevo where there was a spare A320 waiting for them… Time was limited now so they went on a local area familisation flight, with the helping hand of Sarajevo IFATC 😁

Server : Expert / Aircraft A320 / Route : Dept east, then south turning circle to approach

In line for departure

Our turn to go

Heading back over the city

Some beautiful terrain to see

Lining up

A really visually interesting approach

A colourful lineup at Sarajevo

Thanks for your views and any responses… The ATC schedule this week has really inspired me to come back to this region and plan a few flights!

mcgregni / ZK-MCG


Glad you liked our region


Very much! What are some nice regional airports there I should try to fly into?

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Tivat - LYTV
Mostar - LQMO
Tirana - LATI
Ohrid - LWOH
Pristina - BKPR
Ljubljana - LJLJ


Thanks, I’ll be checking those out 👍

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Yes…I definitely recommend Tivat. I have flown into there before and it was amazing! Better than Sarajevo


the Runway 29 approach is really challenging. Also, I used to fly into LQSA a lot in IF. Maybe 2-4 times a month. The scenery is really cool.

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Looks like those two are on my flying schedule then!

I flew there on the TUI 737 once. I flew it from Eindhoven.

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Thanks a lot, two great challenges there!

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