SAR Further Update Flash event

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I would like to bring this back up this was really fun. if anyone would like to keep this going let me know if iCoffeeCat hasn’t already im thinking about starting a instagram or twitter about this maybe turning it into a VA if anyone is interested let me know

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I’m still here, just not in the spotlight! Please keep me in the loop. I have health issues that keep me from a lot of things, but I do hope that this particular aspect of Aviation gets some attention here. Under the normal operations of IF, as it is, has some very specific rules and/or guidelines that needs to be developed to enable a compatible SAR Operation whereas education combined with fun can be implemented. Having said that I don’t mean to dominate or be exclusionary as this is a serious subject.

ok so with the help of you id like to start an instagram about this whether im under your wing or vice versa. as I remember you started this. sad to hear about your health I hope you get better

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I would love to do SAR in infinite flight

It would be awesome for this to become something like Tuesday Turbulence and such, ie a regular class and field training. My health issues are permanent as I’m disabled from the Army. Sounds like you’re really inspired about this and if you’d like to be head of operations and such please invest your passion. I could be the Ole Man overseeing, I’m presupposing you know about Search and Rescue and how the first 24 hours are essential for deep field searches. Please organize as you see fit. My Social Media platforms are not as broad as what you’re speaking of. I can suggest a couple of people that would be more than willing to help you and they are the Green Brothers of ICGVA, just mention that I referred you to them. Everything I just mentioned are just suggestions and I’m sure, like me you’re an idea man and have lots of your own and it’s possible your inspiration could get me to be more involved. Thank-you so much for finding this and following up on possibilities.


Lots of things to consider in the educational department, for instance having an aircraft or region of the week to educate on Flight characteristics for that particular aircraft, what to do for engine failure, instrument failure, IFR and VFR rules, having a region of the week for familiarization for future organization of that region, ie creating a region SAR Wing for those that live in the area or fly that region a lot. Getting to know charts and airspaces. ATC rules and such, just a few ideas. Recruiting individuals from VA’s for volunteers when an event is scheduled as VA Pilot’s are disciplined in ATC and Airport operations. Again thanks for bringing this to the front of attention again on the Forum.

I am young an inspiring marine aviator I know very little about all of this I brought you into this I can do research on all of it and get familiar with SAR and basics of flight (already trying to that) to start this up could be a couple weeks or a month or to but definitely something to look forward to.

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Excellent. I started in Aviation as a child, growing up around it thru my Grandfather. Later on at 13 years old, I joined the Civil Air Patrol and learned even more, their focus by the way is education in aviation and teaching a community Civil Service of Search and Rescue in the realworld. Later on as an adult I was involved in aviation in the Army as well as in civilian life. I’m now 57, 58 in October, and having got involved with Infinite Flight I noticed that a majority of people here are between 13 and 23 and thus the idea of presenting the same kind of opportunity in the Sim World because of all the technical aspects developed into Infinite Flight, such as navigation, flight operations, airport operations, flight plans and the importance of never leaving the ground without one, as well as so many people seeing Infinite Flight as a tool to educate themselves for a real world skill in a career in Aviation … Too many details to itemize.
I’m certainly excited that you’re excited about it and hope that this enthusiasm can turn into a real commitment. One thing to remember because of the majority age group is their particular priorities such as school and of course being able to keep the attention of young people thru incentives and reward and responsibility from achievements and experience. Yes, it’s not going to be instant, like all things of this nature it takes time, perseverance, knowledge. Don’t lose hope on any of this, incorporate it into your overall goals and aspirations for Aviation.

I look forward to hearing from you and working with you. I’ve a lot of patience and knowledge that I’m willing to share, as are a lot of people on this forum. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and don’t be afraid of being assertive.

Another project for you could be to join one of the Virtual Airlines developed by people just like you within Infinite Flight. And as there are many of them with all different priorities, I’m not going to list them. One that I can experientially recommend for making a commitment is International Cargo VA run by the Green Brothers. They are young like you and actually own a realworld aircraft and have Pilot’s Licences. Their operation is solid. Their knowledgeable and really nice. If you like you can say I recommended you to them. Remember to have fun.

My callsign with them is ICG001/Pappy