Sapporo to Tokushima

Yesterday there was a flash flight between Seoul and Sapporo and I usually waited for 1 hour for many arrivals to come and plan my flight to a Japanese airport I haven’t been before and it turned out packed 45 minutes later, luckily my flight when easy despite heavy headwinds across northwest japan


Boeing 737-800

Waiting in line with an Asiana A380

After an immediate takeoff leaving Sapporo

Reached FL400 20 minutes later

Now back through the mountains after an short sea crossing for 1 hour, I thought some fog is nice

Close up of Osaka Kansai airport which had ATC at the time

Parked 737 with the mountains in the background

Also Happy Thanksgiving 🦃 to those who celebrate :D


Great photos! Especially the third from last!

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Yep looks impressive isn’t it

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Very much 😍

Very well done! Love the angles.