Sapper ATC Tracking Thread. N/A

Alrighty so this evening to give y’all some time to see if ya can join but @0100z. 2000est 1600 pst I will be doing an ATC session with Approach and Departure @KLGA In New York. NOTAM: Use unicom or follow all tower and ground if available FLY RUNWAY HEADING TO FL 050 (5000MSL) AND CONTACT DEPARTURE ONCE YOUR CLEAR OF TOWER AIRSPACE OR TOLD BY ATC.
I’d like to see a few of y’all come out and if someone would like to take tower and ground to keep the peace that would be awesome. I’ll update the title and post according later this evening hope to see y’all there

One HR @0100Z I will be open. Approach and Departure will be available for service.

Hey I’m opened at Honolulu tower and ground come fly and join some ATC operations as always pm for reviews

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