Sapper ATC Tracking Thread. N/A

Hey y’all I’m opening my tread for ATC practice. I’ll post where I’m at.

Currently: Closed

Come join with patterns or come and go. Please follow all instructions. Leave any feed by PM please I don’t wanna fill this Tread up to quickly.

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I know you said to leave feedback below, but some people prefer PM. Not sure which one you’d prefer as it could clog up your thread.

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Thanks for dealing with me struggle bussing my way through the q-400, first time attempting the aircraft and didn’t help with a strong crosswind.

Only suggestions:

After clearing me from 08L into left traffic, cleared a c-200 (I believe) from 04L into same traffic, basically took off into me and then we had to create a bit of separation.

Also, when I requested a runway change (cause of my lack of ability to land into the crosswind of 8L, my bad, good job on handling my go-around) pushed me into left traffic, then when clearing runway changes sent me right downwind when I was left of airport. I ended just just crossing over as it was clear, but I’d have been fine on left downwind and just came around

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Hey thanks y’all for join I’m sorry I had some Network issues also I realized I’m still rusty so I apologise about some of the confusion or maybe I missed a proper sequence.

Either way whichever you prefer I know I screwed the pooch when you stopped on the runway and I didn’t get that Go around to the next aircraft behind you in time

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It appears you have the basics although there are a few things to point out that were worth noting:

  • If IFATC is your end goal, sequencing is a must. To give you credit, you were sequencing but not every single time. This will be something that takes practice and muscle memory as you practice more and more. Not sure if you want me to include a link to the tutorial that talks about sequencing, but I’ll just drop it below just in case.

  • Like you mentioned, I did stop in the runway intentionally as the aircraft was on final to see if you would issue an aircraft a go around. I know most folks on TS1 disregard a go around command and had a feeling that the aircraft on final would just blow you off but theres not much you can do. The go around command you issued was rather late. Just be sure to constantly monitor the situation of aircraft as they are on the airport or within your airspace, and adjust your plans accordingly.

  • Excellent job on the commands when I requested a runway change. You gave me the proper pattern entry procedures. Same goes with when I was entering your airspace at the very beginning of your session from the north. A fair amount of people tend to forget the pattern entry aspect. 👏🏼

Other than those things, it seems like you have the hang of things and a few things to polish up. I’ll keep an eye out for your next session, and again excellent job!


Well, I prefer feedback here, so others can also read and learn something.
My feedback for you:
I never get ny sequence from you. On my first approach that was ok, because I was nbr. 1, but on second and third you should sequence me.
“Croatia 1, nbr 3, traffic to follow is on final”
Transiton in to high, if you give at 5000ft that is same liketransition is denaid, because your airspace is from 0-5000ft AGL (in IF), and Honolulu is on sea level.
Thenks to somebody on Approch freq.who sent me five messages.

Hope this helps
Croatia 1

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I do appreciate the feed back. I can’t learn if I don’t make mistakes to being with. I’m sure with more practice I’ll make it natural for the sequencing.
@Bare I couldn’t remember if towers airspace ended at 3000 agl or 5000 agl or what it actually is.

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Open in South Florida @ KPDG just to not fill this Tread up please pm me any feed back. Patterns welcome or come and go.

Thanks for patterns! First time landing there, had always just flown over ha

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Thanks for coming. Also thanks everyone for joining very well at session good to see professional pilots on the TS1

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Hi @sapper,

I enjoyed flying today nice job on the go around and I think you had really fast sequencing. A few things to remember to make your life easier as a controller:

-You only give a pattern entry to an aircraft that is calling inbound or if a runway change is requested. In the first instance the plane usually isn’t already in the pattern. If so he would be requesting a runway change at which point it’s ok to give him a pattern entry.


-You don’t need to say make left or right traffic after each touch and go. If you remember when you give the initial takeoff clearance you had already said left traffic. This means that I am to make left turns on to the corsswind, downwind, base and final legs until otherwise instructed by you.

I’m not to good at explaining this so please review the #tutorials that Mark and Tyler created for more detailed and precise info. Great job and I look forward to working with you soon. You have great awareness and quick thinking.


Appreciate the feedback. Apologize about the fast sequencing that seems to be the biggest for tonight however with the mutiple aircraft in the pattern I felt the sequencing was necessary Everytime you did the touch and go. I don’t recall giving the left or right traffic after each touch an go though I do recall after runway changes I did or the very first clearance for the option I did. Now If I truly did it each time I apologise I had alot going on for a min and I have some clumsy thumbs too. I’ll watch and try and make sure that I don’t do it. Thanks again for the feed back.

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I’m sorry I just realized I gave to much pattern instructions not sequencing. Duh me😕

Fast sequencing is a good thing


A very good thing it gets people to know where they need to go and follow


Opening up at KSEA Come join the fun

On the way! SWA2187. Will be doing patterns!

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Sorry I had to make this short and a Little bit of confusion when I sequence everything backwards. I’ll try to be opening up later on this evening

Sounds good. Let me know when on and I’ll make my return flight from KPAE. Passengers are pissed they are delayed

As far as ATC, no issues. Nice sequence change on me, wife wasn’t happy I hadn’t got chicken on the grill and extended further down wind. So literally did the final few hundred feet putting it on the grill ha

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