São Paulo to Rio De Janerio Hard Approach

Hey there IFC, Today I was flying from São Paulo to Rio De Janeiro here are the pics

 Route: SBSP- SBRJ
 Server: Training 
 Aircraft: GOL+ 737-800

At The Gate

Ro Ta Te


And we are now descending

Go Around


At the gate with @Livingston_Lettman_J bout to land (forgot gear which is very sad) very hard Approach as well

Hopefully You guys enjoyed the pics it was a very hard approach as you can see. Photos were not edited Cya later!!!


Lovely pictures

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Thanks Glad you Liked it

Very good!

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Thanks a lot

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Nice pics

I watched your stream on YouTube for a few minutes and, in all the respect, your approach path was really unrealistic

If you need any help with flight plans inside Brazil in the future feel free to contact me, I’m an expert in this subject haha

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I messed up big time on the FPL which was the problem and I didn’t really have enough time to change things up if I need help I will probably hit you up