São Paulo-Rio, the most well-known air bridge in Brazil @ SBSP - 150020ZOUT17


Server: Expert Server

Region: Brazil

Airport: Departure: SBSP Arrival: SBRJ

737 (Livery Gol) ,A318(Livery Avianca),A319(Livery TAM) e EMB195 (Livery Azul Airlines).
DATE: 15/10


NOTAM : copy flight plan from IFAE-IFBR-Fonseca prior to pushback. Keep 10nm spacing between aircraft while en route. Wait on the hold short line until the aircraft ahead is 7nm out.
Altitude / Speed: 250KIAS until FL100, match 0.78 at FL 310 cruise altitude


-Gate 01 M.Fonseca
-Gate 02 Gabriel Morzola
-Gate 03
-Gate 04 Brunno Eduardo
-Gate 05 Eduardo Pessanha
-Gate 06 Carlos Daniel
-Gate 07 davi trindade
-Gate 08 Murilo Heindrich(vou está chegando em LPPT)
-Gate 09 Arthur Marques
-Gate 10 Dalmo Cabral
-Gate 11 Gabriel Machado
-Gate 12 Joao linhares
-Gate 13 Carlos Eduardo
-Gate 14 Luiz Felipe França
-Gate 15 josimar oliveira
-Gate 16
-Gate 17 Jorge Henrique
-Gate 18 Breno Santos
-Gate 19
-Gate 20
-Gate 21 Victor Gabriel
-Gate 22
-Gate 23
-Gate 24
-Gate 25
-Gate 26
-Gate 27 CMTE Ruan Costa BR
-Gate 28
-Gate 29


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