São Paulo Approach.


Today I was flying to the FNF airport São Paulo. The Airport was insanely busy, it was just ridiculous, Me and my Avianca A318 were lucky to land! Well, let’s roll the photos!

My A318 on approach runway 9L with a 787 behind me doing a 9R approach.

Here, I am about to Land with a TAM 777, LATAM A320 and a GOL 737 watching me.

After I landed I decided to get some cool shots of the Heavies doing short flights to Rio de Janeiro.

Here, 3 GOL 737s and an American 777 wait for takeoff in the ridiculously long line.

I got a photo of the heavy traffic on the ground at São Paulo, whereas the air traffic was relatively light when I arrived.

I hope you enjoyed these pics and the amazing FNF. Feedback is welcome.

What one was your favorite?

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Have a nice day!


I applaud your choice to fly the Avianca A318 :)

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Thank you, I was flying LATAM all the other at all the other FNFs and I thought I would try something else. It’s a nice plane.