Santiago departure

With SCEL being the major hub, it’s appropriate to fit lots of traffic in the shot. Here, T1TAN flying as Alstom Cargo Flight 2765 (Centurion Cargo was brought out by Alstom Cargo virtually) rotates on out carrying a special shipment of classified fruit destined for Chicago O’Hare this morning!

Taken on the expert server. Time 9:10AM. Edited with Adobe Lightroom.


I checked this, and it looked real for a minute, I had to blink to make sure it was IF. Amazing! 😃


All I need now is some heat haze by the engines lol.

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That photo is amazing

I’m pretty sure infinite flight posted this on their Instagram…
Also amazing photo!

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That they did!

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Awesome photo and that GOL 737-800 is me pushing back heading to São Paulo.

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