Santa’s Sleigh

With 20.2 having been released, I figured it was time to post a feature request which I’ve been eager to request for a very long time. Welp, here it is, Santa’s Sleigh! Also, instead of leaving chemtrails behind, it leaves a dust of stars as it zooms across the world!

I’m requesting for this now because I know it takes a lot of time for the devs to make things so I hope they’ll be able to deliver it in time for Christmas!

How does it work?

Essentially, this sleigh is “powered” by the reindeer who drag it along. It can fly at the speed of light in order to deliver the presents to all the kids during Christmas Eve. As the sleigh flies, Santa can say “Ho Ho Ho”!

How to fly it

Since we don’t have 3D buildings in IF, we can forget the “delivering presents in through the chimney” part and simply fly it to enjoy the Christmas spirit. To make it move, you use the throttle level just like you would in a normal plane however it doesn’t power any engines, it just makes the reindeers move.

This request is not a joke, I’m truly wanting to see a wonderful Santa’s sleigh in IF!

Ho Ho Ho. Yes.




This is a really cool and creative idea. I would love it! Freeing up a vote for this 😬

You don’t have the cheat code to get it in IF yet?

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Mods have the final sleigh, let’s hope they haven’t got any coal for you.

But, it’s not love at frost sight for me.


I’m having Déjà vu 😂


I give it 5 minutes.

Why can’t ya’ll just let the mods rest? They were swamped with topics yesterday, and now @Declan is stressing to find something snazzy to write when he closes this.

Edit: I guess @DeerCrusher beat Declan. 👀


I know, so rude-olf of you all!


If it takes a lot of time for them to get it ready then why do you assume it will be ready in such little time 😂. We know at the peace they work at.

Doesn’t need to have a high level of detail. What counts is the spirit of Christmas! 😉

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Oi, this is snow laughing matter!


There’s snow way I can see this being added.

Ho, Ho, Ho… away this feature request goes.

Call me the Christmas Grinch please!


Ugh, you get coal


Some people have been found on the naughty list this year. Santa told me that his sleigh is copyrighted and trademarked up the wazoo. Infinite Flight doesn’t plan on implementing this until Santa gives his permission which isn’t to be expected. 🎅🏼



You know 2020 is a crazy year when Santa has to ruin Christmas as well… haha!