Santa’s Sleigh with GE90 Engines

Hello! It’s Christmas time again! However, Santa’s 1700 year old sleigh (as mentioned by @Philippe_Gilbert) isn’t going to cut it to go around the world. With a ground speed of 40 knots, it is going to take weeks to deliver all these presents. However, with IF, we can all help this process speed up. This would still take a while though. So, @Nee proposed an idea. To add GE90 engines to Santa’s sleigh so he can fly at Mach speed to deliver presents quickly and efficiently with state of the art engines!

This is what it would look like.
As you can see, Santa is very happy with his new sleigh. He can go very fast, and deliver presents in a 10th of the time! Hopefully you can help Santa deliver presents too, and vote for this amazing sleigh! Who doesn’t love GE90 engines!


Merry Christmas everyone on the IFC!

Agree I’m finding a vote

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I don’t really know what to say about this


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Everybody: I Voted
Votes: 0


I think he’d miss a few houses going that fast

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What did you say?

Putting Santa between to GE90s will do a number on his hearing, meaning he won’t be able to hear what kids tell him they want.