Santa Monica Airport to close it's doors in 2028

Santa Monica will close it’s doors in 2028 as the FAA throws in the towel for the airport. The FAA struck up a compromise with city to shorten the runway from 5000ft to 3500ft next year and in 2028 Santa Monica will be no more as the airport will shut its doors forever. Thoughts?
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Sad. :(

I don’t know how many times I have landed an A320 in there in IF. 😂😂


Awww that’s so sad😢 Kai Tak got shut down also you know.


Looks like it’s the end for our favorite class D @anon66442947 :(


It’s been going to be shutdown numerous times. It’s people who move to next to an airport and then complain that it’s loud. Like wth. Your moving next to an AIRPORT.


I wonder if it will still be in Infinite Flight.


They pulled some meigs field crap too. Behind closed door deals without consulting GA aviation and the community behind it

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I’ve been near there, would be sad to see it close. Where else would airlines fly near there?

Airlines go into Burbank and LAX, and then to a further extent, Long Beach, Ontario, John Wayne

Santa Monica is GA, business, private, charter etc. It’s close to downtown, close to LAX, close to all the rich people in Beverly Hills and surrounds. All that traffic will have to move around between Burbank, Van Nuys, Long Beach, Hawthorne etc

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