Sans02’s ATC Tracking Thread [CLOSED] @ N/A

Greetings to all. I Have applied for IFATC.I Am controlling ground & tower. Would like to be tested on all aspects, particularly patterns with multiple aircraft. Would very much appreciate your feedback

Date:9th December
Time:17:30 Zulu
Server: Training
Runways: 31R & 31L

Will try & be there for:1 hour



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Can join what airport

You can join now at VABB

Hello @Sans02

Try and leave your title in this format “Sans02’s ATC Tracking Thread [OPEN] @ VABB” and then have it as “[CLOSED] @ N/A” when you close. It was already changed but you reverted it back.

ohh okay, kinda new here ,will do it after i close , Thanks

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Hello there! Feel free to tag me anytime you open and I will do my best to make it!

Hello there I’m FireCracker - C-FIRE

Excellent work today in regards to your local ATC. You definitely have a strong foundation of knowledge which will benefit you in the long run when joining IFATC. From what I could see, you nailed all the basics at least once during my time in the pattern. There were a few instances where you did forget a few things.

  • When you tried to change me in the pattern from runway 14 to 27, you forgot to issue me a sequence with my pattern entry behind VT-BKS.

  • You also didn’t issue me a landing clearance for runway 27 which resulted in me calling a go-around.

Everything was fantastic on my second pattern so these errors above were most likely accidental or you just forgot due to the other traffic in the pattern.

Overall great work today and I look forward to seeing you progress and hopefully join IFATC in the near future! :)

Feedback - VT-KBS

As suggested, please format the subject line of tour tracking thread correctly.

Also, while it’s a good idea to have friends join your tracking thread, it’s better ask some IFATC members to join as they will give you the correct feedback as per the rules in the ATC manual. Of all the flyers, I don’t know how many were invited. Since there were a lot of new pilots, three was a lot of confusion about their flying proper patterns. In the beginning, the idea is to perfectly understand the fundamentals & learn the proper procedures.

When I requested pushback at 07:45:12, Spicejet 2599 was almost ready to start taxi. Might be a good idea to ask me to hold position till Spicejet 2599. What you did was not entirely wrong (allowing me to pushback & asking Spicejet 2599 to give way. A new pilot might get confused as Spicejer 2599 changed his taxi direction instead of stopping to give way. No major harm done though.

Line up & wait & takeoff clearance was perfect. Sorry I lost control for a while after takeoff (got distracted by a call).

Am happy that you had pattern traffic all on right. On a single runway, this is better to avoid confusion or errors while sequencing & clearing. On parallel runways, its better to separate left & right patterns.

Once I was on end of crosswind or early downwind, when the sequence became clear, you could have issued me a clearance as I was first in line for the option. I called inbound at the end of my crosswind leg. Keep an eye on the planes in the maps. The ones that you clear will change colour to green. Try to clear as soon as possible to avoid stress, preferably on crosswind or early downwind, as soon as you are clear about the sequence of the aircrafts in the pattern.

After clearing me for the option 07:57:55, no need to add “make right traffic”. In the absence of instructions, the pilot is supposed to continue the same direction as that issued on takeoff. In case you wanted me to make left traffic, then you could add that in the command.

Same for clearance for 2nd pattern at 08:04:42

08:09:02 Response to full stop request - perfect.

08:09:59 Exit runway command perfect. Try to issue for jets once speed drops below 70 knots.

At 8:11:02, transition alt issued to Air India 707 super should have been 2500 ft.

Taxi to parking for me - perfect

Crossing runway - I realized you took some time as you were probably searching for the options. Your response although, was perfect. Runway number should always be that of the operational runway (in this case 14 as permitted by wind). If someone asks for crossing R32, your response should always be with reference to R14. If you are not to busy & you can see an aircraft approaching a runway crossing, you can proactively issue a runway crossing without worrying for aircraft to request.

Taxiing to parking - I liked your use of progressive taxi to turn me on the taxiway so that I would not interfere with the aircraft taxiing ahead.

You had asked me to “hold position”. Good practice to ask me to “continue taxi” & then “turn left at next taxiway”.

Good start. You can tag me the next time you start a thread. I’ll join if I’m not caught up anywhere else. The other IFATC members will see your thread on IFC & will try to join if free.

Keep it up. Looking forward to seeing you as an IFATC member soon.



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Yeah i completely forgot about yours landing clearance one time
Won’t happen again
Thank you so much for coming today
I hope you come i open the next time

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Spicejet 2599 was taking too long for asking taxi.
I thought maybe he was creating a flight plan
And i don’t know why i thought i shouldn’t keep you waiting because you are one of the IFATC which after a second I realised was completely wrong

He was already at 9500ft and still asking for transition so i got confused

Thank you so much for coming today
Hope to see you next time too

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Right. Once you are a controller in a tracking thread, you don’t distinguish between ATC & other pilots in terms of handling them. IFATC also has to follow your command. Only difference, you will get proper feedback about your performance as a controller for the session from IFATC pilots.

Better still, as I keep suggesting, try to request only IFATC members to attend your session. A few will join voluntarily. That should be enough for you.

How do i tag the IFATC to respawn at my airport?

Feedback - Vistara 001

  • The first sequence was spot on.
  • After I requested runway change you gave pattern entry enter right base (should have been left base)
  • Correct sequencing.
  • You did not clear me for the option or give me a direction.
  • No runway exit command for the plane on the ground.
  • For transition the formula is elevation rounds up to nearest 500 (for VIDP it is 778) So its 1000 (elevation) + 1500(pattern alt) + 1000 spacing =3500 feet.
  • Departure request was spot on but you should give frequency change.

If you have any questions/ doubts don’t hesitate to PM me.

My Bad ,wont happen next time

Yeah i did not give you a direction because i was told once you clear the aircraft for take off they keep flying the same pattern but later i realised you changed runway so i was supposed to give you new instructions
as far as i remember i did clear you for the option

We all have learnt from Training server. We should ensure we don’t repeat it in the Expert Server.

After rw change u need to sequence ,clear and give direction

ohh okay i will keep this in mind and thanks for coming today