Sanket_Gawade's ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed] @ N/A

Hope you are doing well 🙂
I welcome community to my ATC tracking thread. I have passed IFATC written test and now trying to improve my skills for Practical.
Feel free to hop on for pattern work.
All types of feedback welcomed.

Hope to see you all !

Current Airport :- 
Server :- Training
Runway in use :-

Now open, feel free to hop in

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Hello @Sierra_Golf!

Recently another person had chose to do the same thing, open OMDB on their tracking thread, and it hadn’t gone so well because trolls came and it overall wasn’t an enjoyable session. See below :

Like I said in there, it’s really best that if you’re truly training to become the best possible controller you can be… a dense traffic airport on the training server, is not your best bet. There is plenty of smaller airports you can come to where the likeliness of trolls is much lower, and good pilots that are going to fly responsibly and help you become the best that you can be is much higher… only my opinion though, don’t feel obligated to listen to me, anyways, really wish I could stop in. Also, feel free to tag me when you open and I’ll let you know if I’m free!


Some good airports you could use while you train are KSSC, KFLL, and KVAD ;) As Shane stated I’d stick away from those major Bravo’s because of the Chaos that goes on there which would disrupt your training. Good luck, I will be swinging by some of your sessions to see how you perform and give you a proper evaluation so you can be better prepared for your Practical test.


There is not a single soul so I opened up


Tag me when you open next C:

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That’s great! I wish you well with your session.

Just for future reference if and when it is busy, feel free to takeover the airports @Chief305 mentioned, they’re pretty good ones.


@Sierra_Golf Tag me the next time you open,will surely stop by.

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Some feedback:
•Good catch with the “hold position” on pushback
•On the first runway change you could have told me to enter right not left downwind
•Good transition altitude
•Also don’t know why you gave me "make right traffic"on the last touch and go

Other than that a pretty solid session.
Have a good day!

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You still there ?

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Not today, since I am flying.


Hey Juat pointing out few mistakes.

  1. When I announced Go around you mixed up me with the other plane I think and you rold Turun right 30R whereas I was at 30L.
  2. I was on 30L so its of no use to say me go left trafic after the option. This is required in runway change.

Your concepts are clear .



@Chief305 I will open up them next time, thanks for suggestion

@Shane @USA_ATC @Chief305 @Samyak I will tag you in my next session


Thanks for feedback sir @Speedbird222 I will keep that in mind

Thanks for feedback sir @Varunsehdev I will correct it

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@Varunsehdev @Samyak @Shane @anon2790671 @Speedbird222 @USA_ATC @Chief305

Now open at KFLL

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Coming in now!


@nicopizarro can I tag you for my next session

KFLL is now closed, good day !