Sangley International Airport confirmed? A380's in Manila <3

Sangley International Airport <----- Click the Link

Very excited to see the 1st runway open by 2022 ;)
Hopefully the A380’s are still in service by then because Emirates will fly their A380 here for sure as they even tested NAIA with their A380 a few years back. (Manila-Dubai route has a high demand)

I’m pretty confident this plan will work out.


Huh looks interesting, however this airport would probably take around 10 years at least to build.

Emirates often likes to retire their aircraft after only a few years (their average age is like 70 months) so there might not be many A380s left in service around the world btt this airport is finished.

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If I am not mistaken, the first runway would be open by 2020-2022. The land is already there and all. Its just a matter of fixing it and adding terminals / more facilities

Oh i didn’t realise the land was already there! That must have taken a long time

It was a former US Airforce base if I am not mistaken

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