Sandy Eggo to Madrid, in a Rare Time I Head Eastwards

Hello there!

A little bit ago I completed a 12 hour flight from the southern part of Southern California to Spain.
Not much else to add, except for it being rare I conduct a long haul flight, and I’m quite happy with all the new ground lights! It’s also not very common that I actually head further east than Denver, and especially not common that a head over to Europe!

Mini-Mod Repellent

Aircraft: B747-8 (Generic Livery)
Server: Expert
Flight Time: Just over half a day (12hr)
Cruise Alt: 33,000ft

1| Starting off with lifting off from runway 27 at KSAN

2| A different 747-8 began to follow me for a bit, as I climbed up. this was not planned, and I don’t know who it is, but I see their callsign around my home area a fair bit so I wonder if they recognize me.

3| Over some field in the Midwest somewhere. Very exciting. Moving on…

4| Some of the last land I’ll see for a bit as I charge out over the Atlantic

5| Land Ahoy!

6| The sun begins to set

7| Orbiting Madrid, hoping ATC comes online. Spoiler: it doesn’t

8| Coming in to land on 32L

9| Remember that A350 from the previous shot? Well this is them just above engine 1 on the runway, at 65kts headed towards me before I’m fully off the runway.

10| Chillin at the gate


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Thanks for stopping by on this fine night! (or day whenever you’re viewing this)


Nice trip report

why did u use geniric livery?

no 747-8 flies this route

ohhh… ok:)

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