San Juan Air Cessna 172

San Juan Airlines Cessna 172


San Juan Airlines is a charter/scheduled airline with a fleet of 2 Cessna 172s, 3 Cessna 207s, and 1 Cessna 206. They fly to a wide range of destinations in Washington, but the most common places are Anacortes, Victoria (BC), Bellingham, Friday Harbor, Seattle, Eastsound, and the list goes on.

Why do we need this livery?

The real question is, why not? With Friday Harbor and Bellingham becoming a 3D airport soon, there’s no better time to have the San Juan Air 172. The San Juans are beautiful islands, and it will give everyone a better chance to get to know this stunning part of Washington, as well as a way to fly a commercial flight in a Cessna 172!

I hope that I have convinced you enough to vote for this livery :).

Bonus picture

This photo is taken by me of a San Juan Airlines Cessna 172 at Roche Harbor (WA09):

I voted cuz the livery it’s very cool :) hope it will get added in IF soon

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Thank you for your vote!

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The San Juan Airlines boarding terminal has been finished at KBLI!

What’s missing? A San Juan Airlines Cessna 172 🫣.


Ooo yes ill see if i can free a vote up!!

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Bumping this topic!

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Bump for the island hopping Cessna!