San Jose to Los Angeles

Hello community! Welcome to another post of some pictures I made.

This flight/route was suggested by @BigBert10!

This was a foggy flight flight from KSJC to KLAX in the Southwest Desert Gold 737-700. I hope you enjoy the shots!

Flight information:
Route: KSJC - KLAX
Aircraft: Boeing 737-700
Airline: Southwest (Desert Gold)
Flight time: 1:35
Server: Solo

And here are the shots! (These are slightly edited AKA I put a filter over them xD.)

“Southwest 358, ready for pushback.” Ready to push back from the gate at KSJC.

“Taxiing to runway 30R, Southwest 358.” Taxiing to the runway with a nice wingview.

“V1, Vr.” Rotating off of runway 30R, goodbye San Jose!

“Turn left heading …, Southwest 358” (I forgot the heading xD.) Turning south towards Los Angeles, you might be able to make out KSJC in the background…

“We have reached our cruising altitude…” Now cruising above Lost Hills with some nice scenery.

“Southwest 358 is on final, runway 24R.” On final for 24R at KLAX.

“Reversers out.” Touchdown on 24R, welcome to Los Angeles everyone!

“Shutting down engine #1.” Engines being shut down at the gate.

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And that’s it! Let me know what you thought of the shots.
(And as always, if I missed anything don’t hesitate to tell me.


I guess you missed the cockpit view

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Don’t think I’ve done cockpit view before, might try that once.

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Sure! Would like to see a nice view

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I am so glad you flew out of San Jose! 😃

Next time when you depart, turn right heading 125. You don’t want to impede GA traffic to the left side of the airport 😂

Thanks again for flying to San Jose! 😃