San Jose to Honolulu Inaugural!

These were in the air or waiting to take off

These are my two edits of this photo along with the original.

This flight was on Expert and is still in progress. It was hosted by @GlobalFlyer1 and the projected flight time is around 5 hours. This was the inaugural flight from SJC-HNL, in IF and IRL.


Very nice, would have wanted to be there!


I am so sad that I missed this love the photos 😍😍😍

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Thank you!

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Glad to be part of an awesome Inaugural Event for SWV!

Great pictures too. 👍

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Glad to be part of the event, plus it’s still going! Check us out on live flight. We’re on the expert server!

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Stunning! The 4th picture is my favorite.

Thank you! It’s my favorite too. I love the two heart planes waiting to take off with a desert gold landing in the distance. The three planes in that photo were me, @GlobalFlyer1 and @baseball_inferno in the 737-700

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I’m referring to baseball