San Jose Loses Frankfurt


What’s going on?

A few days ago, Lufthansa has announced that there were going to be ending their Frankfurt to San Jose route by the end of October. They have been doing this route for a little over two years before announcing that they were going to end the route. The last day they will operate EDDF-KSJC and KSJC-EDDF will be October 27. Anyone else who is booked for KSJC-EDDF after October 27 will be rebooked to KSFO!!! TRIGGERED

This is mainly because of the commercial viability of the route, which has decreased despite substantial sales efforts.

This comes not long after they announced that they were going to switch the route operators from Lufthansa Cityline to mainline Lufthansa. This means that instead of the Star Alliance livery A343s, they were going to use a plane in Lufthansa’s colors to fly to San Jose.

Even though they are flying away from San Jose, they are actually having plans to GROW AT KSFO!!! TRIGGERED!!!

The only way you can go to Europe from San Jose is to use British Airway’s nonstop service to London Heathrow (LHR/EGLL).

What do I think of this?

I think this is a really sad time for SJC and SJC fans like me. I absolutely loved how Lufthansa had nonstop service to the heart of Europe from the land of technological innovations. I really do hope that as SJC continues to grow that Lufthansa considers SJC once again. What really makes me mad is that they are considering growth at SFO!!! TRIGGERED KSFO is getting ALL the attention!!! I wish more of that could go to San Jose.

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I pray that someday Lufthansa comes back to SJC.


That sucks… I remember Lufthansa restarted service to Jakarta but then they ended it again two years later. Hopefully Lufthansa will come back to SJC


That’s really sucks. I can personally relate because Lufhansa used to send their A340-500 daily to KPHL, but a few years ago they switched over to using Lufthansa Cityline with the A340-300.

Hopefully KPHL will see a new route to Munich with Lufthansa because American will stop serving that route at the end of the season, and fly that route out of Charlotte.

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Looks like San Jose’s gonna become a heritage route for us… 😏😉

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That stinks. Very relatable with our paris flight.

But if your really deprate to get to Frankfurt, guess whare you can still come… 😉


I would have to go to KSFO in order to get to Frankfurt


Thats true, but not what I ment… 😂

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Dang it, @KPIT beat me to the snarky response

Then I guess I misunderstood your spoilers XD

What were you saying?

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It was a bit of a snarky comment since KPIT still does… 😂

(I don’t mean anything by it though, just a joke…)

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Lufthansa operates this route with an A340-300 operated by Lufthansa CityLine, I flew on it a couple of times and it differs a lot compared to the A340-300 operated by Lufhansa. It has a huge economy cabin, some premium eco seats and 12 or 18 business seats. You can see where this is going, Lufthansa uses those on holiday routes. The thing is that San José isn’t really that far away from SFO, and Lufthansa flies to SFO quite often from both Munich and Frankfurt. In addition United also serves both routes. There were simply not enough customers to make this route profitable.

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We don’t care as long as you visit us. :)

Must of had a very low demand that’s pretty annoying tough rip

Adding on to what you said, SFO is also a bigger airport than KSJC, and a bigger market to take a share out of. This is not the time for LH to loose in the competition against other airlines such as United which also flies the same SFO-FRA route, so LH can’t let them take the number one spot in this part of the market.

It’s similar to SQ & LH both flying A380’s on SIN-FRA route or, SQ & BAW flying 380’s on SIN-LHR route.

With routes like MUN-SFO & FRA-SFO, using the A350 and A380, they are able to carry more passengers, than the A340 used on the San Jose route and also on those routes other routes it’s Lufthansa that operates them and not their subsidiary “CityLine” which flies to KSJC.

They make more profit out of the nearby KSFO which also attracts more passengers yearly than what San Jose does.

It’s a loss on LH’s part if they were to continue the FRA - SJC route. So they withdrew knowing that the competition in SFO is larger and more beneficial in the long run. Since San Fran… is a major International Airport and many airlines around the world gather around there, there are obviously more people, and that leads to a more profitable run for the fuel ;)

All in all, One airports loss is another’s gain, SFO will be at stronger focus by LH, continuing to serve that airports for many years coming.

Unfortunately, when money isn’t made, or a long-term plan doesn’t succeed, you need to find other alternatives, and luckily for LH, they already have another market ready to be used even further than before.


What people also forget, SJC had no feeder market for LH as UA’s present is minimal. Therefore connections to and from SJC was non existent. The flight from SJC to FRA was actually doing pretty well, the problem was FRA to SJC.

Well,at least Nagoya still has services to Frankfurt on the same aircraft…rip…

Unfortunately those A340s are not cheap planes to operate. Hopefully for you the route does return someday. Maybe when Lufthansa have a few more A350s…

I feel your pain though, Lufthansa axed service to CYYC a few years ago because increasing airport costs were beginning to make the route simply not feasible with an inefficient aircraft. Now we have 2 options to fly direct to Frankfurt; Condor (which I’m neutral on) or Air Canada (gross). I’m hoping for Lufthansa to return to us someday soon as well.


They still serve multiple destinations with the A340-300 op. by Lufthansa CityLine, for example Panama City, Montreal, Tampa, Nairobi (in some cases operated by LH A330-300)

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As a frequent flyer at Lufthansa, I’m always not that excited to see destinations disappear. Lufthansa is really focusing on concentrating their operations to Frankfurt and Munich. A couple of years ago, they operated from a lot more airports in Germany (Düsseldorf-New York EWR, Berlin TXL-New York EWR or Hamburg-Paris, London etc.). Nowadays they’re focusing on the Hub Model, because of that SFO is way more attractive due to United’s various flights.

Interesting that they’re moving to the hub model now…the opposite direction of almost every single other airline…