San Jose (KSJC) Plane spotting!

Just some pics from Spring Street, San Jose.

My camera is really bad and old so sorry for the low quality pics

Southwest 737-800 N952WN, Honolulu - San Jose

Delta E175LR N274SY, Seattle - San Jose

Alaska E175LR N188SY, Portland - San Jose

Delta A220 (unknown registration), San Jose - Salt Lake City

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Nice shots! I Love SJC!

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Great pictures of the Alaska E175!

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Likes leaved :) …

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Thank you

love to see my home airport being spotted. The airport doesn’t really much action.

Nice pics

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Great photos! But why is there an iPhone toolbar on some of the photos?

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I couldn’t post videos here so I had to screenshot a part of the video, these were all originally videos

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I live in the bay and see SJC & SFO frequently

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Hey! When was this? I was doing patterns in my 172 around 3PM on Sunday at San Jose.

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This was around 3-4pm Monday May 17

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