San Jose International Airport (KSJC) to add 4 new gates

KSJC and Growing Traffic

Where and what is KSJC?

Norman Y Mineta International Airport (IATA: SJC) (ICAO: KSJC) is located in the bay area in Silicon Valley, California. It is around 30 miles south of the popular KSFO (San Francisco International Airport). Recently, the traffic in KSJC has been souring. New routes have been added very recently like WN1118 (Southwest 1118) nonstop from KSJC-KMCO.

In Infinite Flight, it is really underserved even though the amount of traffic in real life is growing and will keep on growing.

KSJC offers international flights to London, England (British Airways); Tokyo, Japan (ANA); Beijing, China (Hainan Airlines); Vancouver, Canada (Jazz Air which is a part of Air Canada); Frankfurt, Germany (Lufthansa); and parts of Mexico (Aeromexico, Volaris, and Alaska).

What is going on?

KSJC (Norman Y Mineta San Jose International Airport)(SJC) in Silicon Valley, California has announced that they are planning to expand its airport to accommodate the growing traffic. It will add 4 new gates to its Terminal B at the south end of the terminal. KSJC currently has 30 commercial gates with Gates 1-28 having boarding tunnels. Adding Gates 31-34 and yes, they will have boarding tunnels will allow airlines to wield greater flexibility in scheduling and delays would be reduced. San Jose’s director of aviation John Aitken stated, “With four more gates, our passengers will continue to enjoy the enhanced customer service levels they have come to expect from our facilities and operation.”

During the first three months of 2018, passenger traffic at KSJC soared by 18.5 percent compared to a similar period in 2017.

This project is expected to cost $50 million and the gates will be temporary, but they will last for 7 years. During the 7-year time period, airport officials will plan permanent gates and support facilities and will have them constructed in the near future.


What do I think of this?

I think this is a great idea for San Jose Airport to implement this. With more gates, delays won’t be as often and more airlines would be attracted to the airport. Maybe even more nonstop routes would be added.

When Gates 31-34 are added to KSJC, @Kilt_McHaggis and the IFAET better get to work on adding those new gates. XD

Fun Fact:

Today, Friday, May 11, 2018, KSJC is expected to have a record number of travelers, and that they advise for you to arrive 2 hours before your flight if you are flying out of KSJC today.

What do you guys think of these new gate additions and a record number of travelers?

Thanks for reading!

BigBert10 (Berto)


Of course you would make a post about KSJC 😂
But it is quite interesting that they would add only temporary gates and not permanent. 🤔

p.s Happy Birthday!


Love that there doing that I’m an hour away from KSJC and I know that many more intertional destinations are coming in and out. I just love it


KSJC is my home airport. Why wouldn’t I talk about it? XD
There are quite the news about the airport right now and I chose the most important one to make the post on. But I still can’t believe they have a record amount of travelers today.

These gates are expected to last 7 years and within that timeframe, airport officials are planning on expanding the airports and adding permanent gates to accommodate the growing traffic.

It’s not my birthday today. Today is my forum anniversary. I can’t believe that one year ago today, I joined IFC because I needed support. :O

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I am around half an hour away from KSJC. I am proud to have that airport be my closest commercial airport and my home airport.

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You must be proud of it, you speak on KSJC a lot! And I think everyone knows that. :-)

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Doing my best to promote KSJC and have it become as known as KSFO. Hopefully it works out in the future.


No new gates yet!

Not yet. Not until 2019! XD

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Will only take 10 minutes to modify at this end :)


If they were really planning for the future they would add more than 4 gates!

Happy Birthday 🎉 @BigBert10

The cost comes into play as well. Also, KSJC is working pretty well with 30 gates and adding another 4 gates would decrease any small problems the airport has. As more airlines become attracted to KSJC and more routes are added, more gates will come.

Right now, only time will tell.

My birthday already passed. Today is my forum anniversary. I can’t believe that one year ago today, I joined IFC because I need support. :O

Oh well, happy late birthday from me!! Cost is alway the number one factor when it comes to corporate dicisions.

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This is some interesting news here about KSJC XDXDXD

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Here you go!


Yup, those are the current 30 commercial gates of KSJC

what gates were added at KSJC?

Gates 31-34 will be added in 2019 to KSJC. And I guess that is when @Kilt_McHaggis and the IFAET will add to Infinite Flight.

ok so its future gates that will be added

Traffic at KSJC is growing, so soon, more gates will be necessary if they want to expand.

The 4 new gates should be present by 2019.

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