San Jose Flyout Event

Here’s my shots of the Flyout event on the Training Server today, which started at 1545 Zulu…

Thanks again to the organiser and
controller for making my first event on IF a great one! It was my longest flight so far, to a destination I certainly would never have tried myself.

My route was San Jose to Guadalajara (Mexico) with Southwest B737-800 from gate 23, around 3 hours flight time. I cruised at FL29 and had groundspeeds around 525kts.

On the Terminal B ramp…

Shuffling for Position!

Line Up Rwy 30R


Climbout and turn south…

Goodbye San Jose…

Descent over great Mexican terrain…

Guadalajara lies ahead…

Landing Rwy 10…

Thanks for looking and I hope you enjoyed this flavour of the event. I really hope we get more events on the training server, I think they’re needed!

mcgregni / ZK-MCG


Nice pics!
I was there, it was a nice event

I’m the organiser of an event on the 20th in Dubai. Hope I see u there!
20FEB2021/1800Z - Worldwide Fly-out on Training Server - Fly-out @OMDB

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Nice pics! I love seeing that canyon blue livery! It was a awesome event too!

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Nice photos!! Oh and look, It’s me!


And by then I was already departed


Great pics

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Bonairedude, You went to Phoenix I think? I thought I would catch up with you before you headed inland more. I missed your departure, I ended up having some sort of engine failure after pushback 😕, couldn’t move… I think I clicked the Master Battery switch by accident!


Awesome pictures! I see me too


Ok, were you the one I was holding up with my power failure?

Oh yeah I think so. I went into free cam and I saw that your engines weren’t running

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I was thinking like, great, typical, this hasn’t happened ever since I started using the app… Just had to happen on my first event! 🙄

I made up for it though, because I had a landing that I was finally happy to share pics of…

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Nice. I still haven’t landed yet so hopefully I make a good one

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Yh have a safe landing @Caelifera

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I went to Denver.

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