San Jose-Detroit

Flight down to Detroit from San Jose!

Delta 804, flight across the US to Detroit in the Delta A319 on the Expert Server! I never been to San Jose or Detroit in IF.

Lining up for Takeoff. Don’t worry about the Tail, it’s normal on Delta Flights.

We have taking off from San Jose Cough Favorite Airport Cough

Over-flying California’s National Parks, it looks nice to me

After 1 hour or so, we have reach the State of Utah


Over-flying Chicago

And we have touched down in Detroit after 4 hours

San Jose is good, better than Oakland, But San Francisco Remains on-top


Oh no, @BigBert10’s not gonna like that.

Anyways, great photos!


Oops, I guess…

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hm. Nice domestic route with a nice sunset landing!! I see you are showing off Airbus’s new glitched tail design with increased range and efficiency.

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Yes, Airbus first customer for this new “advanced” design was Delta. It moves back and forth freely without any purpose.


Had to put this in since I’m from Denver lol

Nice pictures! Detroit is a nice airport to fly into.

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Pretty nice scenery! Great job!

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San Jose (SJC/KSJC) is the best out of the three Bay Area airports! :D

Just two fyis:

  1. DTW-SJC and SJC-DTW are operated by the Delta B739, not A319
  2. Next time you depart out of SJC, I strongly encourage you to fly the right loop! :D

Bruh you should definitely get that looked at 😳

Jk, lol great pics 👌

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A bunch 737’s broke. Can’t fix them.

I prefer Airbus A320 Family, because 737 die when I try to land them.

San Jose is good, better than Oakland, But San Francisco Remains on-top

No. Just no.

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Oh Yes, just yes.

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Nice shots @Alex_L


Then maybe try the A321 because that’s the closest to a B739

And also, try the right loop as well

I’ll die in A321 because of the autopilot.

I actually don’t know if the autopilot is fixed in the A321.

I think it should be

Ok, btw, what’s the right loop. I am missing out.

When you depart from the 30 runways and you are flying north, like DTW for example, you have to first fly south and then turn back north

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I wonder if this is @BigBert10’s trigger ICAO code. KLAX is better than KSJC.

Do only eastbound flights from SJC do the tecky departure or also the westbound flights… like the ones to Hawaii, etc…?