San Jose Airport - KSJC Planespotting (June 25, 2023)

Hello everybody! I recently went on a trip to the UK and did quite a bit of terminal spotting. I have plenty of pics to share but for now we’ll start at the very beginning of the trip back on 6/25 at San Jose Intl. Airport. For those wondering I took British Airways aboard one of their Boeing 787-8 Dreamliners to London-Heathrow. So without further ado, here are the pics:

Alaska B737-900ER (N428AS) at the gate loading up for Portland

Southwest B737-800 (N8628A) arriving in from Seattle

Soutwest B737-800 (N8319F) also taxiing to the gate from Long Beach

Southwest B737-700 (N556WN) taxiing in from Santa Ana

Soutwest B737-800 (N8319F) getting loaded up for San Diego

Delta A220-100 (N145DQ) taxiing from Seattle

Alaska B737-900ER (N428AS) pushing back

British Airways B787-8 (G-ZBJB) loading up for London-Heathrow. This was also my ride across the pond!

A Delta E175 (N263SY) and a Delta B737-900ER (N905DN) parked at the gate

Goodbye San Jose!

Those are all the pics I have from San Jose. I have plenty more pics from this trip so keep an eye out for those. See you soon!


Nice pictures, looks like SJC has nice big windows to spot at! Hope you had a nice flight

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Thank you. SJC’s windows are perfect for spotting. Really nice and big with no pillars in the way or no dots covering it

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Gotta love SJC! Nice shots

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Thank you!

Alaska Airlines!!!

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Great photos! Also, thanks for sharing that photo of N8628A. I’ve been searching high and low for any photos of it since it was repainted and that’s the first photo I’ve seen of it since!

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Thanks!! (10)

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i love sjc. sad that this sjc-lhr route is getting terminated indefinitely


My hometown airport. I still remember when the “new” terminal was being built. Before that one, it was an air-stair loading only area for aircraft as well as cargo parking. I miss seeing all the Emery Worldwide DC-10’s parked there.

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Nice spotting Bud.

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Its been hard to find if its gone forever. I doubt it comes back for 2024 but one day everyone just started saying they are leaving and here we are

It’s gone “forever” since it’s been removed through the end of British Airways’ published schedule. That doesn’t mean it can’t return. There’s just nothing signaling a resumption.

For what it’s worth, Hainan Airlines is trying to restart Beijing to San Jose. They just can’t because they’re getting crowded out by the limited number of U.S. to China frequencies available.

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For anyone wondering, SJC ATC frequencies to listen to:

Tower: 124.000
Approach: 120.1

Those two are the most active (at least that’s the case on my C. Crane Skywave radio).

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Really have no clue why they’re taking it away. I took that flight after taking these photos and it was packed. Guess they would rather have us Bay Area folk use SFO instead. Although I will be happy to see Hainan come back

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Is Hainan really coming back?

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I believe they are trying to restart many US routes that they had before COVID. But I’m pretty sure its in the works

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