San Fransisco, California to New Delhi, India

San Fransisco to New Delhi

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SNTNA2 DEDHD LKV ONSET 5500N/11600W 6000N/11400W 6500N/11000W 7000N/10600W 7500N/10200W 8000N/09500W PELRI 8400N/00000E 8200N/02000E AGATA T533 GIMON M168 SONEP M168 NELTI A105 ARK W332 DZG R482 GENDI G230 ARSUL A119 DODUR A117 KUFIM A238 JD B350 PINAX P764 ALMOL P764 LAJAK M881 DI A466 IGINO

Flight Time

15 hours 40 minutes

At the gate in San Fransisco

Ready for takeoff as a Delta 757 lands runway 28L

Takeoff runway 28L

Cruising over Greenland

Calm weather over Russia

Foggy sunset approach into New Delhi

Touch Down after almost 16 hours

At the gate after an Ultra Long Haul flight

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Beautiful shots :)

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