San Francisco Virtual Aerial Spotting | Celebrating 10 years of flight

Hi! As today marks Infinite Flight’s 10th anniversary, or ‘New Year’ as Laura called it on stream, I decided to celebrate with some photos. Please excuse my rust, it’s been a while.

I’m proud to say I’ve been in the Infinite Flight skies since 2015, and I hope to stay for many years to come. This is a great organization run by some of the finest people I’ve met. Thank you to everyone who makes this more than a game. Enjoy the photos! Thanks to @Kyle0705 for letting me use his replay because I was lazy. <3

This is a compilation of some virtual aerial spotting photos, something I’ve always found really cool. Since I don’t have the money, skills, or equipment to do this in real life, I recreated it in Infinite Flight.

After a quick departure in a bladeless helicopter, we see @Zuhair.Mazhar near the International Terminal in the United 787-10.

Next up, @Marc.Stinger holds short of 28L in the Air France A380. Not surprised to see Marc in a Skyteam livery!

Up next is @Juan_Oosthuizen departing for San Salvador. Legend has it Juan is a terrible pilot.

An ANA 777-200ER pushes back preparing to taxi to the 1s with @FGS-Rainbow in the left seat.

Moving to the International Terminal, taxies to their gate as an EVA 77W opens its doors.

Traffic holds short of 28L while an arriving American 77W flares.

A DHL 77F holds short of 28R before taxiing to the cargo apron.

A Lufthansa Cargo MD11F begins its taxi to 28L as a Singapore A350 taxies to it’s gate at the international terminal.

A China Airlines 77W lines up for departure on the iconic 28L as an American 787 holds short.

A United 77W begins its taxi as the previous Singapore A350 continues its taxi.

That’s all for today! Thank you again to everyone here, and happy birthday Infinite Flight. Don’t forget to thank your controllers today who worked tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure a seamless experience for all pilots today. If you guys have any questions or comments or you notice yourself in one of the photos, let me know below! Have a great day ahead. Until next time :)


Amazing shots! Would love to see more. My favorite was the AA789 and the Air China 77W. I was so happy with how busy SFO was today, not as fun though to wait and hour for takeoff :)


Wow, this pictures looks so nice ! Stunning thread mate ;) !


Stunning shots, Suhas!


Did you happen to see a Cathay 77W land around morning time? I also flew in on an IF B752 with that convoy lead by @AviatorDan. Also, great job!


Excellent job Suhas!


Thank you! If all goes well, I’ll have another topic out once 21.1 comes. The AA and China Airlines was fun, I tried to show off the good lighting and rotate it, but I wanted to include the runway number in there too.


Thanks, Rhys :)

I unfortunately did not. Thank you though!

Thanks, Cris!


I was actually parked right next to the EVA 77W.

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Great photos Sahus! Love the unique topic.

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Expect suhas doesn’t cry over Star alliance reposting pictures 💀(iykyk)


Landing in 20mins at SFO!

Love to see you posting screenshots again, Suhas! Stellar work as always.

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Suhas you never disappoint, regardless how long it is! Keep up the great work.

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Very cool.

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very cool spotting!

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Thank you all for your kind words. Glad you enjoyed!

Great shots, Suhas!

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In the last photo…do you know if that UA 77W came from EWR with the callsign UA302?

Nice pictures 👌😃

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